The Online Marketing Revolution is Here!

Why Should Your Agency Invest In A Digital Insurance Marketing System?

When prospects are shopping for insurance or any type of product or service today, do they blow the dust off their clunky Yellow Pages and let their fingers do the walking, or do they simply go to Google and allow their fingers to do the typing?

How about Newspaper inserts or mailed coupon magazines?

Do insurance prospects respond to Xdating calls or are all the good ones on Do Not Call Lists?

What about direct mail? Is that a profitable way for insurance agents to market today?

What do you think?Statistics Icon Statistics show us that a large majority of individuals turn to the Internet first when they shop for insurance, and that is why your agency needs a powerful Digital Insurance Marketing System.

Your business needs more than just an ordinary ‘system.’  A number of insurance marketing companies sell Digital Insurance Marketing Systems.

We feel that our system is the Best Choice for Insurance Agencies, MGA’s, and Insurance Companies. Why?

Our Digital Insurance Marketing System is more powerful, offers performance money back guarantees*, and delivers better long term results compared to any company selling Digital Insurance Marketing Systems…and we will be glad to share proof of that with you!

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What If You Already Have an Insurance Website, But It’s Not Making Money For Your Agency?

In reality most insurance agencies lose money on their websites, even if they invest a substantial amount of money.

Money One agency owner in Pennsylvania spent more than $50,000 for an insurance digital marketing system that was essentially a complete waste of money.

His website was graphically appealing, but the lead generation results were disastrous.

His $50,000 insurance digital marketing system generated a total of $5,000 in commissions in four years for his agency!

One day after he cancelled his agreement with that particular company they shut off his website that he had spent so much money on.

His comment to me was that ‘purchasing this digital insurance marketing system was the biggest waste of money in his 25+ years in the insurance industry.’

We agreed with him based on his end results.

Another agency owner spent nearly $250,000 with similar results – A Massive Negative ROI for the Agency Owner!

Why Do Most Agency Owners Lose Money on their Websites no Matter if they Spend Much or Little?

We created a special report that you may download by clicking on the tab located in the top right hand corner of this site titled:

Learn The Four Reasons Why Websites Are Unprofitable.

bluearrowWhen you receive our special report you not only will learn the reason why most online strategies fail, but you will learn exactly what steps you can take to Out Market your local competition using Insurance Online Marketing.

Digital Insurance Marketing Can Be Very Profitable When Managed by the RIGHT Marketing Company!

Let’s consider the New Insurance Reality:

Prospects are using the internet to find new personal and commercial lines insurance options.  This is a given realty because it is the way you, as the agency owner, find what you are looking for when you need to buy something for your agency or yourself personally.

If your agency is not listed on Page One of Google, Bing, and Yahoo you have a 90% chance Insurance Prospects will never find your website and that lead goes to other insurance agencies who are better optimized.

Insurance Marketing Companies are very good at hyping the importance of Online Marketing. The allure of push button or Auto Pilot Insurance Marketing is a very powerful message that resonates with agencies wanting to connect with prospects shopping for insurance online.

However, very few agencies generate any meaningful amount of leads, or make sales from prospects shopping for insurance online simply because they have hired the WRONG Insurance Marketing Company.

How Do You Know You Hired the WRONG Company?

It’s pretty simple: You are not getting results to cover your cost.

If you are spending $2,000 per month you should be generating at least $2,000 in new business commissions each month.

Naturally it takes some time to develop an effective Online Insurance Marketing Strategy especially if the current Insurance Marketing Company has caused more harm than good.

How much time does it really take to begin to have an impact financially to the agency bottom line for online marketing?

About 12 months.

For this reason The WIN Group offers a 100% MONEY Back Guarantee in the 13th month on package 4 & above.

We are the ONLY Insurance Marketing Company offering YOUR MONEY BACK if we do not perform.*

Why do we offer such a powerful guarantee when other Insurance Marketing Companies refuse to do so?

Great question.

We get results for Clients.  This is the principal reason for our money back guarantee.

In 2007 the agency principal of Pathway Insurance (Jack Thomas) developed an online system for his agency, after much trial and error, that lead to significant gains in new business production for his agency.

In 2012 a simple post on Linkedin in an agency Group (has been removed) caused over 50 agents across the Country to contact Jack asking for help.

Shortly after this post the WIN Group was formed to help Agency Owners in states in which Pathway does not operate. Pathway operates in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

Because of the online strategies developed, Pathway Insurance now has the largest online digital footprint in the entire country.


What type of leads are generated for Pathway?
  1. Personal Lines
  2. Commercial Lines
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Health Insurance

What is unique about our Digital Insurance Marketing System is that it is completely customizable based on the lines of business you write in your agency.

If an agency only offers commercial lines, or personal lines insurance only, we will design a system exclusively around those parameters.

What About Lead Quality?

That’s a valid question. Some agents are under the mistaken impression that online leads are low-quality, high risk, or chronic insurance shoppers (here today because you have a cheap price, gone tomorrow when rates go up).

Our system attracts the highest quality prospects of any type of lead that we generate in our agency!

Even More Remarkable are the Closing Ratios for Insurance Leads We Generate Online.

In personal lines we close an average of around 51%, and it’s much better for commercial lines.  Our closing ratio is over 70% for certain types of Commercial Lines Niches we specialize!

Clients hiring The WIN group are reporting similar closing ratios for leads generated by the system set up for their Agency.

How can the closing ratios be so high? Not stretching the truth a bit are we?
Absolutely not. Our system does not attract bottom feeder prospects!

Our system is intentionally designed to attract high-quality prospects more concerned about coverage versus price. Additionally leads generated by means of our Digital Insurance Marketing System are ready, in most instances, to buy insurance right now! This is why our online leads have a better closing ratio.

We Can Set Up The Exact Strategy For Your Insurance Website.

We offer insurance agencies (and other businesses) a proven, more powerful, Digital Insurance Marketing System that is fully customized for your individual circumstances.
Additionally We Do Not Require Long or Short-Term Contracts.

Other marketing companies want to ‘lock you in’ for anywhere from One to five years.

That is not necessary with our system. You may cancel the monthly SEO & Social Media Marketing at anytime.

You Own the Insurance Digital Marketing System We Build for Your Agency.

If you choose the monthly pay options after all infrastructure payments are made, your Custom Insurance Website(s), Videos, Social Media Pages are yours to keep.**

Other companies selling digital insurance website systems turn the website off the day after you cancel their service!

Before you sign a long term contract with another Insurance Marketing Company, make sure that you own your system!

Paying a fortune for a Digital Insurance Marketing System that comes with absolutely no guarantees or that  you are merely leasing will cost you far more in our opinion.

Our System is a Done For You System.

Our system is truly a turnkey system. That means we provide all initial content. We write all new Blog posts for your agency.  We are responsible for all SEO work.  We care for all of your new Social Media Posts marketing your agency. We set up your Marketing Automation and Provide all campaigns chosen and show you best practice sales and retention strategies using Marketing Automation.

We respond to customer questions and help your agency handle online complaints if any. We can also help you build a good online reputation by means of Review Marketing.***

Some of our competitors charge what we charge (or more) and they do not offer any of the above mentioned services.

Domination Marketing Packages Lock Out Other Agencies.

If you choose package 4 and above you can lockout other agency competitors from hiring our company. Most of our competitors want to sell as many systems as possible to agencies, one on each street corner if possible.

Taking this approach limits your online effectiveness. Domination Marketing Packages are only available on a first come first serve basis and may not be available for your area.

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* Money Back Guarantee applies to package 4 and above and  applies to monthly SEO Management Fees Only. Our Money Back Guarantee does not include infrastructure cost to set up Website(s), Social Media Pages, Automation Software, or Videos produced for Agency.

** Paid in full discounts are available call for details.

*** Services not available on every package call for details.