Package Five

Insurance Website Domination Marketing

Only One IWDM Package is available Per City or Territory.
You can lock out any insurance agency competitor by choosing this specialized package on a city or territory basis. Website Domination Marketing included.

Insurance Website Domination Marketing Guarantees that your Website Will Outrank All Other Local Insurance Agency Competitors.

Choosing this package allows your agency to have an exclusive online partnership with our firm in your territory. No other agency will be able to hire our company for insurance web design or smaller website packages in your targeted area or national niche allowing you to completely dominate all other insurance agencies for your (and our) 24 month commitment.

For example if your company focuses on insuring attorneys nationally, no other agency or company will be able to hire our firm for this niche guaranteeing exclusivity.*

This package can also include National Insurance Niches.
(Surcharges could apply dependent upon Niche)

Our system includes a total of five custom websites to guarantee that your online strategy will dominate local search results.

Insurance Drip Marketing Sales and
Client Retention System

Comprehensive sales and client retention system designed for client utilizing the Office Auto Pilot System. Our graphic design department will develop all neccessary sales and marketing materials for your company, up to 40 hours of graphic design work included to create your sales and marketing material within this package.

Insurance Keyword Guarantee

200 Insurance Keywords Guaranteed to be Ranked on the First Page of Google within 24 months or less with multiple pages showing up on the first page of the search engines!

Article Landing Pages

Each week 1 new article landing page is produced and uploaded to agent website(s) targeting lines of business based on agency specifications.

Landing pages are indexed in the search engines and promoted to rank so that each article acts as a separate landing page for lead generation.

Online Video Commercials

One custom commercial produced for agency using paid actors or agency staff.  Travel time an extra expenses not included if shooting at agency location.

Commercial is HD and Television ready. (30-60 seconds)

Sample Commercial

Three new online Commercials are produced each month targeting lines of business specified by agency. All videos are optimized to rank on the first page of Google.

Custom packages may be available to Insurance companies wishing to generate leads nationally for your field force, call for more details.

Payment Options**

$17,987 Down Payment and $3,697 per Month.

Insurance Website Domination Marketing Guarantees Agency Will Outrank Any Local Insurance or National Niche Agency Competitor.

For more information call: 513-662-7000.

* Some restrictions apply.
** Some areas may require a surcharge to the advertised rates.