Package Three

Custom Website + Social Media Marketing Module + 1 Commercial + Insurance Keyword Guarantee.

Online marketing encompasses much more than a simple website. To reach those shopping for insurance it’s also necessary to engage prospects by means of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media is also important for another reason: Social Signals.

Social Signals tell the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) that your website is relevant and deserves attention.  Social Signals are necessary for ranking your website.

Because Social Signals are becoming far more important it is vital that your agency actively acquires likes, shares, and mentions on the major Social Media platforms.

Package 3 includes everything in Package 2 plus our Social Media Marketing Module, a high quality TV ready Insurance Commercial that will be listed on page one of YouTube and Google plus a keyword guarantee for page one listing of your website.

Social Media Marketing Module
      • Brand new Facebook Business Page
      • SEO optimization of your Facebook Business Page
      • 5 Posts Written and Uploaded to your Facebook Business Page Each Week
      • Post include insurance comics
      • Can add Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, & Twitter.
      • Includes Reputation Monitoring

If your agency is not consistently using Facebook, YouTube, or Google +, Twitter, and other social media platforms you are inadvertently harming your website rankings!

Call 513-800-1399 for more details on this option.

Agency Commercial

We will produce and direct one HD insurance commercial for your agency using a local actor/actress targeting a specific line of business up to 1 minute in length. 

Your video can be TV ready (must keep to 30 seconds) and will be listed on page one of Google and YouTube to capture search traffic.

Why Videos are Important?

Videos convert at 5 times the rate as web pages!  Because of this online insurance agency commercials can be a powerful method to highlight key differences between your agency and competitors.

Another important benefit of online videos is that they can be listed on page one of the search engines and YouTube helping your agency acquire more digital real estate.  (One video we produced for an agent in Kansas knocked GEICO off of the first page of Google!)

Example Insurance Commercials:

  1. Church Insurance Kansas
  2. Landlord Insurance Indianapolis
  3. Homeowners Insurance Ohio
  4. Car Insurance Lafayette Indiana
  5. Car Insurance Cincinnati
  6. Business Insurance Cincinnati
  7. Restaurant Insurance Ohio

Call 513-800-1399 for more details about this feature of our systems.

        • One Online Commercial Targeting a Line of Business You Choose
        • Script written by our production team
        • 1 Paid Actor
        • Up to 4 hours production shoot time
        • 8 hours Post production 
        • Listed on Page one of Google & YouTube

Insurance Keyword Guarantee

We target up to 75 insurance Keywords under this package for first page ranking on the search engines.

We guarantee we will achieve a minimum of Five different insurance keywords on the first page of Google within 12 months of website launch or we will refund your agency $1,000*

Optional Automatic Response Marketing & Client Retention Module

Automate your marketing and client retention strategies by investing in Agency Automation.

We offer an optional marketing and retention system we call Automatic Response Marketing (ARM) that automatically follows up with prospects and clients using pre-configured campaigns set up specifically for your agency. 

The ARM system can also include customized sales letters, welcome aboard packages for your agency, cross selling letters, PURL’s, and postcards that will systemize every facet of agency activity.

Call 513-800-1399 for more details.

Features of Package 3


                    • A Custom Website built to your specification including up to 50 hours of Design Development/Revisions
                    • Up to 20 Lead Generation Pages per your exact specifications
                    • 1 New Lead Generation Landing Page Each Month
                    • Social Media Marketing Module
                    • Insurance Commercial
                    • Keyword Guarantee
                    • Incorporation of Online Comparative Rater. (Example: EZLynx)
                    • Incorporation of the ARM System Insurance Sales Drip Marketing or Client Retention Module. (Optional add on module not included in this package.)
                    • Google Analytics Integration.
                    • Contact or Lead capture Forms
                    • Up to $100 Budgeted for Images
                    • Up to 15 Add-On Software Applications to help you rank your website
                    • Hosting included
                    • 25 Email Accounts

Payment Options

Onetime Fee: $4,994.00

Monthly Subscription Fee: $299 per month. (Includes Hosting)

Is this package out of your budget?

Consider our starter package.

For more information call: (513) 800-1399

* See exact terms and conditions of insurance keyword guarantee. Please note that some areas may require a surcharge for ranking guarantee.