Client Retention

Insurance Client Marketing and Retention System

As an agency, it’s important to implement insurance retention strategies to minimize loss of valued policyholders.

Competition is at an all-time high and when insurance agents do not keep in contact with their policyholders on a consistent and regular basis, the decision to leave your agency becomes easier when another insurance carrier offers better pricing or coverage options.

Implementing Insurance Retention Strategies Will Increase Your Profits and Reduce E&O Exposure.

Staying in touch with policyholders on a regular basis makes it more difficult for competitors to steal away your best clients. It helps your agency cross sell new insurance policies and multi-line client accounts.

Statistically, the greater number of policies sold to each client increases retention geometrically.

Implementing an insurance client marketing and retention strategy will also increase agency commissions.

What Can be included in the
Client Marketing and Retention System?

  • Biweekly Email Insurance Newsletter System-  this system, with retention as it’s intended use, focuses on Personal lines using our automated software or your agency management system, if it supports email campaigns (can include life insurance).
  • Renewal Retention System uses our drip marketing software that will automatically contact clients 30 days prior to renewal by email and postcard for additional cross selling and retention activities.
  • Cross Selling System will automatically contact clients, whom you wish to multi-line or sell additional policies to, by email and postcard.
  • Dead Client Selling System helps turn former clients into new clients.
  • Welcome Aboard Kit – these kits are developed agency specific and include sales flyers, thank you postcards, and agency newsletters. Our software will automatically contact a new client, ask for referrals, and share with the client additional services offered by your agency by means of email and postcard.
  • Complete training.

We will help your agency develop five different client retention campaigns of your choosing.  The above are only examples. Campaigns will be designed based on client specifications.  The drip marketing insurance software is provided by a software vendor and various levels of sequential marketing are offered.

The marketing software comes pre-loaded with all e-mail auto response letters pre-written for your agency, with postcards that have been customized for your agency.

Printing and mailing costs are additional. After 12 months the current monthly fee to operate the basic drip marketing software is $79.95 per month.

Twenty-six email client retention letters are loaded into your system or agency management system. After 12 months additional newsletters can be ordered for an annual fee of $499.

Payment Options

Paid in Full: $3,397.00
Monthly Payment Option: $1,998 Down Payment and 9 Monthly Payments of $176.59.

Monthly payment option only available with the purchase of Website system 2 and 3. A stand alone system may be purchased with a one time payment of $3,397.00 (no financing available for stand alone systems). Up to a combination of 6 sales flyers, postcards, or sales brochures customized for your agency per your specifications. Sales copy produced with agency input. Additional charges will apply for graphic design work in excess to what is provided in the basic package. Up to 2,500 contacts included (extra charges apply for additional contacts in system).