Insurance Website Domination Marketing™

How Can Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ Benefit Your Agency?

Insurance Website Domination MarketingInsurance Website Domination Marketing™ is a proven online insurance strategy the founder of the WIN Group has developed consisting of multiple websites capturing multiple page one listings. 

This system works with both commercial lines and personal lines and it will allow your agency the ability to dominate local insurance search engine marketing in your territory.  

Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ allows your agency to acquire anywhere from 30-80% of all listings on the first page of the search engines. 

Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ gives agency owners a significant online advantage.  As you acquire first page listings, your local insurance agency competitors are pushed off of the first page replaced by your websites, landing pages, and video pages. 

To Dominate Local Internet Search Results You Need To Be On Page One For Many Insurance Keywords.  

There are hundreds of different keywords prospects are typing into the search engines when they are looking for insurance.  To dominate the local search results your agency should be on page 1 for many different insurance keywords to properly saturate search engine results. 

Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ offers the best strategy to help agencies acquire far more digital real estate compared to using only one insurance website. 

Some agencies investing in online marketing may have a few listing on page one of Google, yet they receive very few if any telephone calls from prospects (and fewer sales). 

That was the exact situation of one agent in Pennsylvania and one agency owner in Connecticut. Both agencies had a few different insurance keywords on the first page of Google, yet they generated very few leads for their investment.  

The principal challenge for agents who only have a few page one listings on the search engines is that your lead generation results will be very limited and will not help you to obtain meaningful results.  

We Can Help You Saturate the Local Search Engine Results Using Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ 

Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ allows your agency to saturate your local marketing area so you will obtain many different keywords on page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

This is the most powerful and profitable type of insurance online lead generation you can invest in today. 

This strategy guarantees the acquisition of far more electronic real-estate compared to any marketing company offering digital insurance websites. 

The founder of the WIN Group pioneered this Online Marketing Concept and currently we are the only company advocating such a strategy. 

We are so confident Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ will work as advertised  we offer a $25,000 – $100,000 cash back guarantee if we fail to perform. 

No other insurance marketing company offers such a guarantee.

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