The Best Digital Insurance Marketing System

Need to Spend Thousands per Month for the Best Digital Insurance Marketing Strategy?

Best Digital Insurance Marketing SystemSome insurance marketing companies charge agencies thousands of dollars per month to promote digital insurance marketing.   

While it is true that a large number of prospects are searching for insurance on the internet each month in most areas, is it necessary for an agency to spend so much money to develop an effective digital insurance marketing strategy? 


In some areas of the country there is very little competition from insurance agents that are actively promoting online insurance marketing because they have either not recognized the power of Internet marketing, or they are too deeply immersed in old-school thinking that prevents them from investing in this powerful way to promote your agency. 

Let’s assume that the territory in which you market is virtually untouched by other insurance agents.  The smallest package that we offer with website promotion targets a minimum of 25 insurance keywords. 

It could be possible for us to obtain page one ranking for each one of those insurance keywords on the search engines. 

Regrettably some agencies have locked themselves into long term contracts and they are spending thousands of dollars per month with a company promoting digital insurance marketing when they could have simply hired our company making a onetime investment of a little over $4,000 and they would have been guaranteed the same results for their substantial expense they committed themselves to by contract. 

Taking this approach is an incredible drain on your agency profits. 

Why should you hire us to develop an effective digital insurance marketing strategy? 

Why Hire Us For Your Digital Insurance Marketing Needs? 

1- We have developed a proprietary and proven website marketing system that guarantees ranking on the search engines and we are the only company offering an insurance keyword guarantee

2- We are significantly lower in cost compared to other companies allowing you to profitably develop a powerful digital insurance marketing strategy.

3– We Do Not Require Long Term Contracts. Other marketing companies require agents to sign long-term contracts locking you into large financial commitments.  If you break the contract they can sue.

4- When you hire us to build an online strategy you own the website!   With some of our competitors as soon as you stop paying them their large monthly fee your website disappears and you have to start from scratch all over again.  When we build it you own it.

Web Insurance Network is a marketing company founded by an insurance agency principal in Cincinnati with more than 23 years of experience in our industry. We understand the insurance industry backwards and forwards

Who else would be more qualified to help you build a profitable online strategy? 

Call the Insurance Offices at Pathway Insurance at 513-662-7000. 

We can help you put in place a custom designed insurance website and online insurance marketing strategy that will help you profitably take advantage of the growing popularity of the Internet.

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