Digital Insurance Marketing-Fact or Fantasy?

If you’re looking for a proven, profitable digital insurance marketing strategy we are the only insurance marketing company that offers performance guarantees for digital insurance marketing.  Call the insurance offices of Pathway Insurance and speak with Jack Thomas at 513-662-7000. 

Digital Insurance MarketingWhat Is Digital Insurance Marketing? 

Push button insurance marketing that requires no effort on your part?  A system that finds, quotes, and sells insurance to prospects on auto pilot? 

This type of insurance marketing system is a figment of a clever marketer’s imagination.  It does not exist and likely never will. 

Digital insurance marketing is simply a process where you generate leads for your insurance agency from your website plain and simple! 

So when looking to invest in digital insurance marketing the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you need all kinds of complicated gizmos, gadgets, virtual agents, or investments in expensive pay per click advertising? 

Why the Simple Approach is Best in Digital Insurance Marketing?

Although its true technology is making some aspects of life easier, when a new client decides to purchase insurance from your agency it’s going to be accomplished in the exact same way it’s always been done. 

Someone in your agency is going to speak with the prospect to confirm the coverage needed, and collect the application and down payment to start the policy. 

Your agency website is simply an online advertising platform designed sell your agency over the competitors. 

That’s it! 

Do You Need a Complex Insurance Website System to Be Profitable?  

No, the simple truth is that your website has no need for a virtual sales assistant, complex videos explaining why your agency is the next best thing since sliced bread, or other types of complicated systems that might be duplicated by the current agency management system you use right now in your agency! 

What your agency needs is a custom based non-template driven website that is attractively designed, an online comparative rater for either personal lines or life insurance, education based content, and a compelling sales presentation to encourage prospects to give you a call. 

That’s step one. 

Step Two- You need to promote your website properly so that the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo give you a favorable placement.  

In other words you need to be listed on the first page of the search engines for multiple insurance keywords. 

Web Insurance Network Can Help You to Generate a Profitable Digital Insurance Website Strategy. 

We offer insurance agencies something that other companies do not, performance guarantees! 

We offer a ranking guarantee and domination marketing guarantees for our higher end packages. 

If you’re limited in your budget we can help you build an appealing custom website for your insurance agency and we can develop custom content to help your insurance agency website to rank in the search engines, and more importantly make your phones ring. 

Call 513-662-7000 and speak with Jack Thomas to learn how we can help you develop a powerful online digital insurance website system for your agency.

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