Digital Insurance Website – Drain on Agency Profits Part Two

Buy a Digital Insurance Website?  How’s that Working Out For Your Agency?

Digital Insurance WebsiteIn our previous article we discussed how some agencies have purchased a digital insurance website, obtained ranking on the first page of the search engines and yet their insurance agency website was producing virtually ZERO results.

How Could That Happen?

If you have made a significant investment in a digital insurance website and paid tens of thousands of dollars, you might be somewhat frustrated at this point if you are not obtaining results for your online marketing investment.

Does that mean online marketing is more or less a pipe dream and not effective?

Not at all.

Thousands of prospects are searching for insurance on the Internet each month in most communities and they are contacting someone.

If thousands are searching each month, why are they not calling your agency if you’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on a digital insurance website?

That’s a great question. Let’s discover the answer.

Why Your Digital Insurance Website Strategy is Not Profitable?

An agent that I had spoken with invested more than $40,000 in his digital insurance website.

He had five different insurance keywords that were on page 1 of Google but he had not generated a single lead for more than 3 months when I had spoken with him.

Not a single lead.

Yet my insurance agency website: Pathway Insurance. Generates a number of leads for my independent agency every week that convert into new policyholders for my agency!

What’s the difference between my website, and his website? 

I have hundreds of page 1 rankings on Google, he only had five that we could see at the time!

The Reason Why Your Digital Insurance Website Strategy Is Unprofitable Is Because Your Reach Is Too Limited.

There are hundreds of different insurance keywords that prospects are typing into the search engines.  When you only have a small number of page 1 rankings for certain insurance keywords your results will naturally be limited.

So if you pay a marketing company to rank your website for this specific keyword, auto insurance San Diego. What you may not realize is that there are many different variations of this keyword.

Ranking for one keyword does not mean that you will rank for all of the variations of those keywords. Most websites do not rank for the various keywords. They will rank for the specific keyword and not its variation.

For example please note only a limited number of variations of this keyword: Auto insurance San Diego

  1.      Auto insurance San Diego CA
  2.      Auto insurance San Diego California
  3.      Auto insurance in San Diego
  4.      Auto insurance in San Diego Ca
  5.      Auto insurance in San Diego California
  6.      Auto insurance brokers San Diego
  7.      Auto insurance agents San Diego
  8.      Auto insurance companies San Diego
  9.      Auto insurance agencies San Diego
  10.     Auto insurance brokers in San Diego
  11.     Auto insurance agents in San Diego

When prospects are searching for auto insurance in San Diego they may use a variety of different versions of that keyword.

Because there are so many different keywords, insurance websites that are only targeting a few keywords will have limited results.

That’s why your online insurance marketing strategy will be completely unprofitable when you only rank for a handful of insurance key words.

To Rank a Website for Many Different Insurance Keywords Takes Time and Effort

If the insurance marketing company only concentrates on a few insurance keywords, your significant monthly investment will be flushed down the drain because your website will not rank in enough keywords to make it profitable.

Our website strategy is totally different, and far more powerful.

Would You like Your Website to Rank for Hundreds of Insurance Keywords?

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