Insurance Drip Marketing System

Insurance Drip Marketing System, Why You Need a System?

We offer the most powerful insurance drip marketing system that you will find on the market. Call 513-662-7000 and speak with Jack Thomas to learn why our system is far superior compared to all other drip marketing systems.

Insurance Drip MarketingWhat is Drip Marketing?

Insurance drip marketing is a marketing process whereas you sequentially contact prospects that have contacted your insurance agency office for insurance quotes.

Insurance drip marketing also works very well with active clients for cross selling opportunities, retention strategies, and reaching out to former clients that have left your agency.

Why you need to implement Insurance Drip Marketing?

Isn’t it true that sometimes prospects will fall through the cracks?  It’s easy to forget to follow up with a prospect that we had every intention to call, only to remember weeks later you forgot to reach out to that potential new client to determine their interest level.

A powerful insurance drip marketing system will automatically reach out to prospects even if you forget to do so yourself!

Additionally statistics show that prospects need to be contacted a number of times prior to making a purchasing decision and our insurance drip marketing system can help you reach out to prospects in a low-pressure way to encourage them to purchase insurance from your agency. 

What Is Different about Our Insurance Drip Marketing System?

Our system was developed by a successful insurance agency owner marketer skilled in insurance sales copy writing.  We use the exact same system in our insurance agency!!

Many insurance drip marketing systems either contain canned non-persuasive content or no content at all!

Some insurance drip marketing systems automatically send e-mail messages out to clients about everything but insurance!

Our system is all about Insurance!

Our system exclusively focuses on insurance and the content is designed to educate prospects and clients on reasons why they should choose your agency or keep their business with you if they are an existing client.

Our systems also encourage both prospects and clients to refer others to you for additional sales opportunities. Our insurance drip marketing system is customized to your agency and usually will be ready within four weeks or so.

The reason why our system is not immediately available is based on how we customize the marketing system to your exact needs.  Some competitors offering drip systems use pre-made boiler plate systems using the same content for each client. 

In contrast our system includes custom content for your exact needs, which includes professionally designed sales flyers, postcards, and welcome aboard kits.  We invest time to build the system to your needs and that is why our Insurance drip marketing system is superior to our competitors!

We Offer Two Different Insurance Drip Marketing Systems.

One system is designed for sales and prospecting, click on Insurance Drip Marketing Sales System for more details.

Our second system is designed for client retention, cross selling, and a module designed to marketing to former clients!  Click on Client Retention for more details.

Feel free to explore both different options to see which would be best for your needs.

Contact us today for more information about the most powerful insurance drip marketing system.

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