Insurance Customer Service

Why Good Insurance Customer Service Matter in Today’s Environment?

Smiling woman talking into headset L uid 1269924In simple terms it helps you as an agency owner to keep more of your clients! 

We all know that it’s far more profitable to keep an existing client relationship in most cases then to develop a new one. 

Yet we see a tendency from direct writers such as GEICO and even traditional companies developing call center service centers for policyholder service, so everything is handled all in one big box! 

Why Is It a Mistake for Agencies to Buy into This Concept?

For one principal reason. You lose control of the client relationship when you pass it off to someone else that doesn’t have a vested interest in your agency. 

The pitch by insurance carriers who offer call center options is a powerful one.  

Instead of investing resources into customer service allow us to handle customer service for you and you can concentrate on brand-new sales. 

The Insurance Call Center Option Seems Like a Good Idea But…

It seems logical doesn’t it?  

However we should never forget that customer service is likely what keeps our policyholders with our agency in the first place. 

Giving this up sends a subtle message to policyholders that they are just not as important to us as they once were. 

Besides if we no longer handle our own customer service, what is the difference between us and GEICO? 

As an agency be committed to providing exceptional customer service do your clients, taking this step will help you increase retention rates and increase referrals.

Want to Increase Client Retention in Your Insurance Agency?

The WIN Group has developed powerful client retention strategies using automation to keep in touch with clients and prospects automatically.

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