Insurance SEO – What Happens When You Get Google Slapped?

Google SlappedDid you get Google Slapped?

When you get Google slapped that means you lose ranking in the search engines!

Insurance agent websites that were previously on page 1 of Google for certain keyword terms on January 17, 2013 discovered the next day they were on page 10. (That’s called the Google slap.) 

In my previous article we discussed two different agents that were badly affected by the latest Google algorithm change. 

After analyzing one insurance agent website we determined that it would be possible to recover from the Google penalty. 

Another agent wasn’t so fortunate. His insurance SEO strategy was so badly compromised that it would be cheaper to build a brand-new website from scratch and start all over! 

If You Would Like Us to Analyze Your Insurance SEO Strategy, Call 513-662-7000. 

In about 10 min. or less we should be able to determine if it would be possible for you to recover from the latest Google penalty for organic insurance SEO. 

If it is possible to recover from the latest Google penalty we can help you make the changes to regain your ranking, guaranteed! 

Here Is a Warning for Insurance Agents Hiring Marketing Companies for Insurance Seo, or Doing It Themselves. 

Don’t be cheap if you hire a company to do insurance Seo, and don’t take shortcuts! 

If you hire a company for insurance SEO make sure they have a long-term track record of success. 

Even more importantly you need to find out if they know how to take measured steps to reverse any types of changes that Google makes. 

This is the third time in 2 years I have needed to make a major shift in my insurance SEO strategy and each time my websites have come back stronger than before!

Want to Hire the Best Marketing Company for Insurance Seo?

Without sounding too high-minded, if you want to rank powerfully in the search engines and keep those rankings for the long term contact Jack Thomas at 513-662-7000.

I have developed the most powerful, cost-effective strategy for digital insurance marketing.

When the search engines make changes you need someone that not only has a track record of insurance as Seo success, but one that is adaptable to the ever changing world of search engine optimization.