Your Insurance Website May Have Lost Its Position in Google Over the Weekend!

New Google Algorithm Causes Insurance Websites to Disappear in the Search Engine Rankings!  

If You Have Invested Money in Insurance Seo, Your Rankings Have Likely Tanked!

Important Information for Insurance Agents January 21 2013. Read if you Have an Insurance Website!

If you own an insurance website and you previously showed up on page one of Google, check your rankings right now.  It’s possible you have lost your position in the search engines!

What happened?

Google has implemented or modified a yet unmentioned algorithm change affecting insurance Seo and your rankings have likely taken a nosedive!

How We Became Aware of This?

I monitor ranking on a regular basis for my personal insurance websites and we also build custom designed insurance website systems for insurance agents.  I monitor hundreds of keywords for insurance SEO.

Pathway 1-21-2013 rankingOn Friday, January 17th I noticed a steep drop in my rankings for several prominent insurance keywords that I was ranked on the very first page of Google. 

Other local agencies that I know have also dropped precipitously, in fact much further than our drop.

Why did my insurance website, as well as other local insurance agent’s in my local marketing territory drop so far in the search engine results, and why is it likely that your results have also dropped?

Why Search Engines like Google Make Changes on a Regular Basis to Their Algorithm.

Search engines do not publish what steps insurance Seo gurus must take to rank websites in the search engines. Their objective in keeping this data secret is to prevent low-quality spam websites to dominate the first page.

However when the search engines make these algorithm changes it often hurts good insurance websites that have not undertaken what Google refers to as spam or “black hat” insurance Seo techniques. 

If You Have Dropped Significantly in the Search Engines What Steps Can You Take?

This is actually not the first time Google has made a change to their algorithms. They do this on a regular basis and that’s why I consistently monitor results of insurance keywords for my personal insurance websites and for client websites.

After putting my detective cap on and investing a significant amount time over the weekend I believe I know exactly how to recover from this Google algorithm update and I will post my results.

If your rankings have dropped significantly in Google, I can help you regain your rankings.

Contact Jack Thomas at 513-662-7000 or feel free to e-mail your contact information and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

This is not a free service.  We can help you regain your rankings, but we can’t offer the service for no cost.  We can analyze your site for a one time payment of $49.95 to determine if it is possible to regain ranking. If so and you hire us to regain ranking for your website, we credit the fee

The fee to regain ranking is dependent upon a number of factors and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Service is not available in certain areas call for details.



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