Website Templates for Insurance Agency

Is Buying a Website Templates for Your Insurance Agency a Good, or Bad Idea?

Insurance website templates It really depends on what your objective is.

If you are interested in presenting your agency in a favorable way to prospects that find you online you likely will want to avoid purchasing a website template for your insurance agency.


Insurance website templates have Three Potential Strikes against them from the very beginning.

1- Insurance Template websites normally cannot be customized, and are unable to make your business stand out from the crowd.

2- Template websites may incur the duplicate content penalty.

3- Template websites may lack proper On Page SEO engineering.

A Fourth reason why websites templates for Insurance Agencies might not be a good idea.

Old websiteIf it is a do it yourself template you might not have the graphical skill to make it look appealing.

Did you know that an ugly or dated website will cause prospects not to take a business seriously?

The reason why this is true is because a company website is a direct reflection of that business.

If a business website is old, out-of-date, or graphically unappealing, (Ugly) prospects will automatically skip that website and go to your competitors.

One Agents Website is a Sales-Killing Chainsaw Massacre!

An insurance agent built his website using a template system, and the results were disastrous.

His website looks like it was made by a complete amateur. It is graphically unappealing and the indirect message he conveys to prospects who find his website is this:

I’m incompetent because my website looks like it was made by 12-year-old graphic design student.

If a business owner is looking to insure his multimillion dollar business, is he looking for an amateur to insure his business, or a professional?

Obviously the business owner is looking for a professional, yet this agent who wants to sell insurance to multimillion dollar corporations conveys to potential prospects that he is cheap, because his website looks totally unprofessional.

Is investing in an insurance template website a good idea for your agency?

If you want to be found prominently on the search engines, a template website will likely not get the job done for you effectively.

In our next article we will discuss how to avoid being ripped off by a graphic design company or individual that advertises custom insurance websites when in reality they are selling nothing more than a cheap template!

Custom Insurance Websites Are More Affordable Than You Think.

We can build a custom website for your business from scratch to your specifications.  Call us at 513-662-7000 to discuss your needs. We offer convenient monthly payments for modern 2.0 websites that will powerfully help your agency stand above your competitors.

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