Package 6

Our premier domination marketing website system.  This package comes with Ten individual custom website systems including all custom content, 20 promotional videos, and a complete competitor outrank guarantee

You will lock out any insurance competitor by choosing this specialized package on a city or regional basis. (National systems also available for insurance carriers, call for pricing details) 

This Package Guarantees Your Company Will Outrank All Other Competitors.

Choosing this package allows your company to have an exclusive online partnership with our firm in your territory. No other company will be able to hire our firm for insurance web design or smaller website packages in your targeted area or national niche allowing you to completely dominate all other insurance agency competitors.

A minimum of hundred Insurance Keywords are guaranteed to be listed on the first page of Google within 24 months or less with multiple pages showing up on the first page of the search engines for your top keywords! 

What Is Included in this Package?

  • Ten individual website systems
  • Two landing pages uploaded monthly to each website for lead generation
  • SEO Promotion 
  • Twenty videos customized for the agency
  • Automated Drip Marketing with 25 individual email marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing (done for you)
  • Local Google Maps Marketing
  • Custom Facebook and Google + Agency Business Pages
  • Competitor Outrank Guarantee 

Multiple Websites Included

Multiple websites will help your agency dominate niches, and difficult keywords securing multiple page one listings on the search engines.  Click here to learn why this technique increases your response rate by 700% or more compared to only one page one listing.

Landing Pages For Lead Generation.

You will consult with one of our project managers each month to determine the specific types of leads you wish to generate for your agency, and we will develop and upload two new landing pages to your Ten different website systems for lead generation. 

Articles are indexed in the search engines and ranked using proprietary SEO Promotion strategies.

SEO Promotion.

We utilize proprietary techniques to rank each website system we develop for your agency and we guarantee the online strategy we develop for your company will out rank every insurance competitor in your City or territory.* 

Custom Video

We develop twenty custom videos for your agency over 12 months targeting specific lines of business for your agency such as product videos for car, home, life, business. Each video will be ranked on the first page of Google using our SEO Promotion strategies.  Travel expenses are not included in this package. 

Examples of videos we have produced for other clients may be viewed when you click here. 

Automated Drip Marketing

This packages offers an automated marketing module with twenty five different marketing campaigns you choose. Some of the available campaigns include:

  • Cross Selling Personal lines, Life, Business, Employee Benefits, & Investments.
  • Prospecting campaigns for Personal lines, Life, Business, Employee Benefits, Investments to help you close tough to reach prospects all on auto pilot.
  • X-Date campaigns for Personal lines, Life, Business, & Employee Benefits.
  • Welcome aboard campaigns
  • Client Retention campaigns for renewals.
  • Client Newsletter Campaigns
  • Holiday, Anniversary, and Birthdate campaigns.
  • Lost Clients campaigns for Personal lines, Life, Business, Employee Benefits, & Investments.
  • Automatic Postcard Campaigns (5 postcards designed for agency)
  • PURL Campaigns. (personalized URL’s)
  • Claim and loss control campaigns

Social Media Marketing

We build and optimize five custom Facebook Business Pages, one Google + Business Page upload each page over 5 weeks, invite those in your network to like your new page, for liking, sharing, and promoting your agency. 

Your custom Facebook Business Pages may be Quote request forms, Refer a friend form, or general marketing forms to promote your agency online. 

Two new social media posts are automatically uploaded each week to Facebook and your Google + Business Page on a set schedule determined in advance for 24 months and each quarter reputation management reports are provided including consulting to enhance reviews and online reputation.

Local Google Maps Marketing System

Create a custom Google + Business page and optimize your business page using best practice techniques to enhance your listing. We will create/repair up to 75 citation sources important for ranking your Google + Business page and promote the top 10 citation sources to enhance your individual business page listing. 

Will develop a campaign to help your agency acquire policyholder reviews and testimonials and create 2 custom postcards, form letters, and up to 4 separate emails to encourage policyholders to provide your agency a review and testimonial in your welcome aboard campaign module in your drip system. 

Competitor Outrank Guarantee

You pick the competitors and we guarantee under this package you will outrank them in 48 months or less, or we will provide you a certificate worth $100,000 in select services we offer at no cost to you.*  (Additional websites, videos, social media services, SEO) 

$197,997 down payment and monthly payments of $9729 (48 months)

*Some restrictions apply