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Pathway Protection Letter™

Last week I shared an update on a video project we are involved in called Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™. 

If you have not had an opportunity to watch our preseason teaser clip, please find a link to our YouTube channel:

My new YouTube series, Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™ focuses on the complexity of insurance. 

If you have been a client for some time and read the Pathway Protection Letter on a regular basis, you can clearly see why insurance is far more complicated than the price we pay for it™. 

The need of professional advice is so important. 

So many insurance companies advertising on television want you to focus only on the price you pay versus the coverage you need. 

Focusing only on the price you pay for your insurance could cost you substantially down the road because you could be losing, or giving up valuable coverage to save money on your insurance without even realizing it! 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all insurance companies cover exactly the same things!  There can be significant differences in coverage between companies causing a claim that would be covered by one insurance company, to be excluded by another company. 

A cheap insurance price without any advice is absolutely worthless to you as a consumer. ™ 

That’s why choosing an agency like Pathway Insurance, that focuses on advice and education is more important than cheap insurance prices.  

My YouTube series will clearly show why it’s important to purchase insurance from an agent that provides professional advice on insurance. 

The very first Episode of Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™ will premier sometime in the fall and it will focus on Arson. 

Is Arson covered by your home, renters, or condo insurance? 

There are three potential claim scenarios with arson that we will discuss in next week’s Pathway Protection Letter.

  • One arson claim is definitely not covered under any circumstance. 
  • One arson claim scenario may be covered by some companies, but excluded by others.
  • Only one arson related scenario is always covered by insurance.

We’ll discuss those three scenarios one by one. As always if you have any question about insurance coverage, call us because we are at your disposal.

Remember the worst time to learn that something isn’t covered by insurance, is after the claim occurs. ™

Have a great Wednesday!

Jack Thomas



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