Bad Insurance CSR’s Will Cost Your Agency Customers!

In our previous article we discussed 5 ways to know if ySmiling woman talking into headset L uid 1269924ou have good CSR’s working for your agency.  

We discussed how CSR’s can play a very important role in helping the agency retain the best and most profitable policyholders for your agency.

Facts About Your CSR Team:

  1. Your CSR’s are the front line leaders of your agency.
  2. They are the ones who your clients interact with most frequently.
  3. Your CSR team will either present your agency in a favorable light or will cause prospects, or clients, to want to take their business elsewhere.

What are the Signs You Employ a Mediocre CSR?

  1. Complaints from policyholders
  2. CSR’s arguing with customers
  3. CSR’s who handle personal business on company time
  4. CSR’s who make frequent mistakes
  5. CSR’s who don’t follow instructions
  6. CSR’s who waste time and are inefficient
  7. CSR’s who are rude to customers
  8. CSR’s who are not team players
  9. CSR’s who are lazy 
  10. Clock watcher insurance CSR’s

It’s likely I’m missing a few other indicators but the biggest question should be, what should I do if I employ a bad, or mediocre CSR?

Fire & Hire or Coach & Preserve?

Some recommend to fire quickly and hire slowly.  Others attempt to preserve employees and give them a chance to make improvements.

In many parts of the country agents have indicted that it seems like we are facing a declining pool of experienced and seasoned insurance personnel who are licensed and trained and ready to go.

Firing and immediately hiring another qualified CSR may be easier said than done.

In our agency we had a highly experienced CSR move to another state and it was almost 8 months later before we found a suitable replacement!

woman uid 1085386But… a Bad CSR May Do More Harm Than Good!

Good Insurance CSR’s will help improve retention and increase your premium volume in your agency.  

On the other hand bad, average, or mediocre CSR’s working for your agency will drive profitable customers straight to the willing arms of your competitors!

In a series of future articles I will share what steps we have put into practice over the years to coach, manage, and in some cases let insurance CSR’s go for the good of the agency and the preservation of client base. 

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