Package Two – Insurance SEO

Custom Website + Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For your Insurance website to rank in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) you need to engage in organic search engine optimization.

SEO involves two steps: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.  Package 2 comes with both Off Page & On Page SEO and one new Lead Generation Landing Page each month.

Off Page SEO

Off page search engine optimization is the strategy of acquiring back links from other websites. This is the most critical step to rank your website. 

Exercising extreme caution in acquiring back links.  If you get the wrong ones the search engines will penalize your website! (badly)

Because of our many years of experience in Off Page Insurance SEO we know what types of backlinks to acquire and those to avoid.  Using our proprietary Off Page SEO strategy on package 3 and above we offer performance and money back guarantees to rank your website.

New Lead Generation Landing Page Each Month

Each month 1 new insurance lead generation page will be developed and uploaded for your agency targeting a line of business and specific area that you choose.

How does this help you achieve multiple rankings on the search engines, click here to read about Insurance Lead Generation.

Optional Automatic Response Marketing & Client Retention Module

Optional Insurance Drip Marketing & Client Retention system.

We offer an optional drip marketing sales system or what we call Automatic Response Marketing (ARM) that automatically follows up with prospects and clients using pre-configured campaigns set up specifically for your agency. 

The ARM system can also include customized sales letters, welcome aboard packages for your agency, cross selling letters, PURL’s, and postcards that will systemize every facet of agency activity.

Call 513-800-1399 for more details.

Optional Social Media Marketing Module

This module can be added on to packages 1 & 2 (Comes standard on Package 3)

We provide a ‘done for you’ social media module that includes creation of a brand new Facebook Business Page, SEO optimization of your Facebook Business Page, 5 new posts written and uploaded for your agency each week. For an additional fee you can add Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, & Twitter.

Why is it important to implement Social Media Marketing?

The search engines are now using something called social signals as a ranking factor in their computer algorithms to determine relevance of websites. 

If your agency is not consistently using Facebook, YouTube, or Google +, Twitter, and other social media platforms you are inadvertently harming your website rankings!

Call 513-800-1399 for more details on this option.

Insurance Keywords Targeted

We target up to 50 insurance Keywords under this package for first page ranking in the search engines.

Insurance Keyword Guarantee

Although we do not offer a keyword guarantee with package 2 a keyword guarantee is available on Package 3 and above.  With package 2 we should be able to obtain first page ranking for minor insurance keywords using our Lead Generation Landing Pages, especially for niche commercial lines products.

Please call 513-800-1399 for more details.


  • 40 Hours of Design Development/Revisions
  • Fully Responsive Design (Looks great on smart phones and tablets)
  • Up to 15 initial Lead Generation landing Pages
  • Professionally Written Content
  • Powerful SEO to rank your website
  • 1 New Lead Generation Page Each Month
  • Integration of Online Comparative Rater.
    (example: EZLynx)
  • Integration of Automatic Response Marketing (Optional feature)
  • Social Media Marketing Module (Optional)
  • Blog
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • Social Media Integration such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Training videos.
  • Up to $75 Budgeted for Images through
  • Up to 15 Add-On Software Applications to help you rank your website

    Payment Options

    Onetime Fee:  $2,997

    Monthly Subscription Fee:  $259 per month. (Includes hosting)