Insurance Video Marketing

Insurance Video MarketingInsurance Video Marketing – Why You Should Invest Right Now?

Television advertising is out of the question for most insurance agencies due to the substantial cost involved. 

However an affordable, and extremely powerful, method that insurance agents can take advantage of is to advertise their agencies twenty four hours per day on the search engines using online videos.  

How Can Your Agency Make Money With Insurance Video Marketing? 

Essentially in the same way that companies use commercial advertising on television, except for one important feature…other than the cost to produce the video, video marketing on the search engines is FREE!

When Prospects Search for Insurance Online, Your Agency Video Can Rank on the First Page of Google!

Let’s assume that a florist wishes to find better insurance options and they type this keyword into Google:  Florist insurance Cincinnati.

What would they find?   A video commercial from my agency, Pathway Insurance, near the top of the page and it’s the only video listed!

If the florist looking for insurance decides to watch my video, there is a good chance they will call my agency for an insurance quote. 

Each week my Online Insurance Commercials and Insurance Landing Pages generate high quality prospects for my agency that turn into clients.

If I Make a Video Will It Automatically Show Up On the First Page of Google?

If you create a video there is a good chance that it will not show up on the first page of the search engines.  Why??

There are certain techniques that you must implement to optimize the video so that it has any chance to show up on the first page.  On a regular basis we outrank other videos we did not create that have been posted for years using our proprietary techniques. 

Even if an agent is able to produce videos and rank them on the first page of Google, the videos need to be professional quality.  This would include a voice over or spokesperson encouraging the person watching the commercial to call or request a quote from the agency, similar to a standard commercial we watch on television.

A sliding video image without a verbal call to action is essentially useless.

Example of a Non Actor Video 

Online Commercial Videos Can Present a Selling Message 24 Hours per Day for Your Agency.

We can create an affordable online insurance commercial that will help your agency reach your target market audience when they are searching for specific keywords on the search engines, with an optional money back guarantee!

We are so confident that we can obtain first page listing of the video we create that we guarantee our ranking results.

If we do not rank your video on the first page of Google within 90 days, you will receive a FULL REFUND!  (You keep the video.)

Example of Online Commercials Using Actor(s).

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