Why Insurance Agents Should Not Make Websites-Part One

Insurance Agent WebsiteYour Insurance Agent Website Is a Reflection of Your Business, Is That Not So?

That’s why agents should never under any circumstances attempt to make their own website unless they are skilled in graphic design!

As an independent agency owner I wanted to have an appealing website for my agency. 

In the year 2006 I hired a local web design firm to create a custom insurance agent website for my company.

I was frankly impressed with the results

The website looked sharp and crisp and it was graphically appealing to the eyes, it was very catchy. The designers did a fantastic job and my initial investment was around $3,000 for my custom insurance website.

Insurance Agent Website Mistake

Unfortunately only two years later I would learn why I essentially flushed my $3,000 investment down the drain. Despite being very pleased with how the website looked graphically, it could not be found by the search engines.

My insurance agent website was made entirely in flash which is a specific computer code program by Adobe, and it looked very impressive. But there was only one small problem. 

It could not be indexed by the search engines.

After I learned that my insurance agent website was essentially invisible I had to pay another designer to rebuild my first website so that it could be indexed by the search engines.

Despite the fact that I have invested more than $10,000 in my current website over the last six years I’m not disappointed at all.  My website is one of the highest ranked insurance agent websites in the country and it brings in a significant amount of new business to my agency each month. 

It’s not as flashy as some digital insurance websites, but it gets the job done in terms of sheer lead generation for my agency which is what really matters in the overall scheme of things.

Why I Happily Paid more than $10,000 for my Custom Insurance Website?

The reason why I did not have any objections to paying so much for my custom insurance agent website is because I attempted years earlier to create a number of websites on my own.  I invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of my time. 

My masterpiece website looked like an absolute disaster! To put it bluntly it looked like I shook up a bunch of graphics in a box and plastered them all over a web page.

It was not appealing to the eyes, it was not graphically crisp and clear. It was plain ugly.

I now wish I could have kept a copy of that “masterpiece” website so I could give you a vivid example of just how bad a website can look in the hands of an amateur web designer.

I did learn a very important and power lesson after 7 years of attempting to master web design.

Making My Own Website Was a Mistake!

Back in 2006 I finally came to the conclusion that I just did not have the necessary skills to make a graphically appealing website. 

What is the moral of the story?

Insurance Agent Websites Should Never Be Made by Agents, Unless You Are a Skilled Graphic Designer!

Today I employ skilled graphic designers that can create any possible type of  insurance agent website.  Take a word advise from one that attempted to make websites on my own, don’t do it, unless you are highly skilled in graphic design.

Your web site is a direct reflection of your agency, if it looks like an amateur made it, prospects will assume you are not ready for prime time and Will seek coverage from your competitors!

Need a Website Face-Lift, or a Better Online Strategy?

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