The Best Digital Insurance Marketing System-How to Avoid Losing Your Shirt! (Part Two)

Digital Insurance MarketingFear and Loathing in Digital Insurance Marketing

In our previous article we discussed the first secret to success in Digital Insurance Marketing and that is to avoid signing long-term contracts with the insurance marketing company.

Why is that something to consider?

When you sign a long-term contract with an insurance marketing company you are locked into that contract until its completion.

If for some reason the digital insurance marketing system that you were sold does not perform in the way you expect, it really doesn’t matter whether or not you’re satisfied with the results you are getting!

Unless the insurance marketing company committed a breach of their contract, you are stuck, plain and simple.

A $50,000 Mistake One Agent Will Soon Not Forget!

One insurance agent invested more than $50,000 over four years for a digital insurance website system. 

Like most agents he was enamored with the idea of generating exclusive leads from his website. He was keenly aware that prospects are shopping for insurance on the Internet and he wanted that to be part of his marketing strategy.

He signed a four-year contract.

He faithfully paid his monthly fees the last four years to the insurance marketing company for his digital insurance website.

What was the rate of return on his $50,000 investment? 

About $5,000 in commissions he was estimating.

That’s it.

He did generate some sales activity, but the amount of money he invested with this particular insurance marketing company far exceeded any type of return he received making it as he quoted:

 “The biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent in all my years as an agent.”

Before You Commit Your Agency to a Substantial Investment for a Digital Insurance Marketing System Read the Contract Thoroughly.

If a company expects you to pay a large amount of money, then they should also provide some type of warranty or performance guarantee on their services should they not?  Much in the same way you would expect to receive a warranty when you purchase a car.

If an insurance marketing company doesn’t provide your agency a warranty on their services for performance, but they expect you to give them a guarantee that you will make all of your payments to them for their digital insurance marketing system, should that be something that gives you pause?

Something to think about is it not?

Why Choose Us for Your Online Insurance Marketing?

There are four specific reasons why you should hire us to help your agency develop an effective online presence.

  • We provide performance guarantees for search engine ranking.
  • We do not lock insurance agencies into long-term contracts.
  • We are significantly lower in price compared to some companies offering digital insurance website systems.
  • We are actively involved in the insurance industry.

Web Insurance Network was formed by an industry veteran with 24 years of experience who started his insurance agency completely from scratch using innovative marketing techniques and strategies including developing a powerful digital insurance marketing system.

Most importantly, we understand the insurance industry backwards and forwards.

Call Us at the Insurance Offices of Pathway Insurance at 513-662-7000 to Learn More about the Most Powerful Digital Insurance Marketing Strategy for Your Agency.

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