Best Insurance Digital Marketing System!

Insurance digital marketing systemsWhy one Pennsylvania agency hired us to build a New Insurance Digital Marketing System?

If you are looking for the most powerful and cost-effective digital insurance marketing strategy for your agency, contact Jack Thomas or one of his associates at the Web Insurance Network.

You can reach Jack @ his insurance office: 513-662-7000 or toll-free 800-998-0662.

Why Our Insurance Digital Marketing System Is a Better Option?

In our previous article we compared purchasing an insurance digital marketing system to a luxury automobile. Just because something costs significantly more money does not necessarily mean that it will achieve better results.

An agency owner in Pennsylvania found that out the hard way four years ago when he purchased an insurance digital marketing system with a price tag of over $50,000.

On his $52,000 investment he only made around $5000 in insurance commissions over that four-year period time!

Then as his contract was up for renewal he learned that his insurance website would be turned off if he did not continue his monthly payments!

Over $50,000 invested, only $5,000 in commissions earned, and they were going to shut his website off if he did not renew his contract!


What would you do?

Be held hostage by a digital insurance website system that obviously was not working, or find an alternative that works?

This Agent Found an Insurance Digital Marketing System That Works as Advertised!

After flushing $50,000 down the drain with the first insurance marketing company this agency owner was a very leery to take the plunge again, spend tens of thousands of dollars and get locked into another long term contract without any performance guarantees.

What’s that old expression fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?

This agency was not about to make that same mistake again.

Why This Insurance Agency Hired our Company to Build His Next Digital Insurance Marketing System?

We offer something the other insurance marketing company would not.

  • Ranking guarantees on the search engines.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • Significantly lower prices, with better ROI results!
  • You own the website. It will not be “shut off” if you discontinue the monthly promotion service.
  • Custom insurance website built to your specifications. Not a template insurance website unlike our competitors.

Want to hear his story? If you have a serious interest in investing in the most cost effective Insurance Digital Marketing System for insurance agencies we will put you in touch with him!

Call 513-662-7000 and speak with Jack Thomas to learn how this powerful insurance digital marketing system can help you grow your online marketing efforts better than any insurance marketing company offering digital insurance website systems.


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