Insurance Online Marketing

Insurance Online Marketing Best Practices.

Insurance Online MarketingWant to vastly improve your online presence?  Call The WIN Group at 513-800-1399 to speak with a project manager.  We are the only company offering online performance guarantees for insurance agencies.

Why Should You Invest in Online Marketing?

It works!

Agency owners taking the right approach in the implementation of best practice insurance online marketing strategies will reap significant benefits in terms of new business production in the upcoming years. 

The bad news is relatively few agency owners really understand the importance of online insurance marketing and are holding back from investing in this powerful branding and lead generation strategy. 

What if you Tried Online Marketing and Wasted Your Money?

Some insurance agencies have recognized the power of online marketing and hired the wrong marketing company only to see a significant negative return on their investment.

As an online marketing company for insurance agencies and other businesses, our approach is uniquely different compared to our competitors. 

We use a finely targeted approach that requires a far lower investment and no long term contracts.

Our approach is a superior option for insurance agencies in comparison to other competitors.

Want to speak with a project manager to learn how our system can help you?  Call 513-800-1399.  

What is the Most Important Reason Why You Need to Invest Now in Insurance Online Marketing?

Insurance Prospects are shopping online.

Statistics bear out that the majority of individuals shopping for new insurance will go online first when seeking different options, including business owners searching for business insurance.

Example: In early 2013 Pathway Insurance generated by means of their website a commercial lines inquiry from one of the largest contractors in the area seeking new insurance options as they had become dissatisfied with their carrier and agency.

The owner of this company found Pathway online by means of a Google search.

This lead resulted in the single largest commercials lines account Pathway had ever written for a contractor!

It is not uncommon for Pathway Insurance to write $10,000 commercial lines accounts each week by means of lead generation from our online strategy. 

What Two Lessons Can Be Learned from This?

  • Never assume large companies do not shop online for commercial insurance.
  • If your insurance website is not listed on page one, you might be missing out on writing hundreds of thousands in new commercial and personal lines premiums that automatically go to your competitors who invest in online marketing.

In our next article we will discuss why leads generated by means of your personal insurance website will have a far better closing ratio compared to any type of lead you generate in your agency. 

Hire Our Company to Develop a Powerful Insurance Online Marketing Strategy.

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