5 Ways to Know if You Have Good CSR’s Working for Your Agency.

How Would Clients Rate Insurance Customer Service from Your Insurance Agency?

Insurance Customer Service I’m not sure anyone would disagree that good insurance customer service increases your retention ratio. 

What are the 5 signs that you have good CSR’s working for your agency? 

Number 1 –  You have better than average retention.  If your retention rates are 90% or above it’s likely your staff is contributing to these numbers. 

Number 2 –  You receive compliments from your clients about your staff. 

Number 3   Clients only want to speak with a specific person working within your agency.  This is a good sign your customer service representative is going above and beyond the call duty for policyholders. 

Number 4   Existing clients send you many referrals. 

Number 5 –  Clients send you thank you notes or gifts. 

Why Should You Be More Than Pro-Active in Providing Good Insurance Customer Service?

It helps us to keep our clients!  There is no question it’s more challenging than ever before to keep policyholders.

Because of the billions spent by only a handful of P&C carriers each year, insurance has become a commodity that is mostly compared based on price alone by those shopping for insurance.

Competition used to be the agent down the street.  Now we compete against our own carriers for a slice of the P&C Pie. 

So how do we stand out as being different?  How do we provide value added services that help policyholders see why we are different compared to our competitors?

CSR ‘s Play a Critical Role in Agency Retention.

Good CSRGood CSR’s are hard to find and yet they are critical in helping agencies retain policyholders.  

We need to remember that the majority of individuals  or business owners we insure care about good customer service and they want to be treated fairly and honestly. 

In our next article we will discuss how you can know whether or not you have average or mediocre CSR’s working for your agency.

Additionally we will discuss the exact steps you can take to find high quality CSR’s willing to go the extra mile for your policyholders.

Better CSR’s will increase your ability to retain the best and most profitable policyholders in your agency.