Insurance Digital Marketing – Hype, Fact, or Somewhere In Between?

Insurance Digital MarketingLooking for the Best Insurance Digital Marketing System?

If you are contacted by an insurance marketing company promoting an insurance digital marketing system that will automatically prospect for your agency, close those prospects, cross sell clients on auto pilot…is this sales pitch, Hype, Fact, or Somewhere in between?

That’s the million dollar question right?

Is it possible for insurance agencies to invest in a push button insurance digital marketing system that works as advertised?

Insurance Digital Marketing – Just the Facts.

What is insurance digital marketing?

Let’s address the prospecting and selling methodology of insurance digital marketing first.

Insurance digital marketing is simply a process whereas prospects are directed to your website, either by means of insurance pay per click advertising or the insurance agency website is found organically on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The prospect reviews information on your website and they can either choose to contact you by telephone or complete a form for a request for more information.

Some insurance marketing companies utilize a talking spokesman or virtual sales agent and basic videos to persuade prospects to contact the agency in question.

What happens next when the prospect contacts your agency?

Insurance Digital Marketing- The Step-By-Step Process When the Prospect Contacts Your Agency.

Let’s assume the prospect fills out a contact form, or they call the insurance office for more information. If the prospect fills out a contact form they will be automatically added to a software system that is more or less an auto responder system.

What is an auto responder system?

An auto responder system is software that will automatically send e-mail messages to the prospect.  Well-known auto responder systems are Constant Contact, Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, and Office AutoPilot.

A few insurance marketing companies actually use one of the above systems to run their automatic follow-up system that they sell to insurance agents. (We also use one of the above mentioned systems for our automatic Insurance drip marketing sales and prospecting system.)

If the prospect calls the insurance agency then the CSR or sales rep takes the call and will add the prospect to the insurance digital marketing system manually.

After the Prospect Is Added to the Insurance Digital Marketing System What Happens Next?

The prospect will receive follow-up contacts typically by e-mail automatically from the auto responder system. (Our system also adds postcards and PURL’s that are utilized for additional contacting opportunities with the prospect. So prospecting postcards and email messages will be automatically sent to the prospect on a pre-determined schedule to nurture them along the selling cycle.)

Additionally the system may also be set up to assign this prospect to a specific person in the agency for further telephone follow-up much like a CRM (customer relationship management) such as Salesforce, Sage ACT, or your current agency management system you use right now!

So the Insurance Digital Marketing system is essentially an automatic follow-up system.

We refer to our system as insurance drip marketing. To learn more about the benefits of insurance drip marketing click on insurance drip marketing system.

We will discuss more information about the insurance digital marketing strategies in our next article.

Why Is Our System Better Than All Other Insurance Digital Marketing Systems?

  • Our system is far less expensive compared to other insurance marketing companies allowing you to generate a better rate of return.
  • No long-term contracts. Other insurance marketing companies want to lock you in for 3 to 4 years at a time. Their contracts are impossible to break legally.
  • Our system is completely customizable to your agency needs no matter if you are a personal lines agency, commercial lines agency, or a life insurance agency.
  • Our system comes with a ranking guarantee on the search engines.
  • We do not promote insurance pay per click advertising so your expenses will be less.
  • We write custom sales copy specifically for your agency, other insurance marketing companies use canned or generic sales copy that is less persuasive versus sales copy we write individually for your agency.
  • You own your insurance website. Other insurance marketing companies are “leasing” their system to you. As soon as you stop paying their monthly fees they turn off your insurance website.

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