Insurance Marketing Best Practices

Stone age insurance marketingStone Age Marketing Holds Insurance Agents Back! 

Are you running your agency like its 1987? 

How did insurance agents engage in marketing in 1987? 

Insurance agents would invest in yellow page advertising, direct mail, billboard advertising, sponsoring your local sports team, newspaper advertising, newspaper inserts a few agents would telemarket, and rely upon referrals etc. 

Let’s Fast-Forward 16 Years into the Future, What Does Insurance Marketing Look like Today? 

Yellow page advertising, direct mail, billboard advertising, sponsoring your local sports team, purchasing shared Internet leads, a few occasionally advertise by newspaper inserts, very few agents today telemarket because of do not call laws, and of course referrals. 

Not much has really changed in 16 years for the average insurance agency, yet our industry has greatly changed! 

Insurance companies are moving toward a direct to consumer selling system, bypassing insurance agents! 

Insurance companies now sell car, homeowners, life, health, and commercial lines insurance direct to consumers without a local insurance agent! 

They think they can do it better than local agents, and in most instances they are right! 

This certainly will certainly ruffle the feathers of some insurance agents but it’s absolutely true.  

Insurance companies have changed their marketing philosophy, but many insurance agents and agencies have not! 

How Can Insurance Agents Develop Innovation with Insurance Marketing? 

Thinking outside of the box is an often used, perhaps even overused term, but it’s certainly relevant. 

Insurance agents cannot survive if they continue to use outdated and ineffective insurance marketing techniques to acquire market share. 

The above types of insurance marketing strategies that were effective in the past no longer have the pulling power as they once did. 

Insurance agents and agencies must change their philosophy when it comes to insurance marketing. 

One such new insurance marketing strategy that very few agents are taking advantage of is insurance internet marketing.

In our next article will discuss in more details why insurance Internet marketing is one of the most innovative and best ways to promote your agency no matter if you’re a captive agent or an independent insurance agency. 

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