Insurance Seo – Why We Are the Best?

Insurance SEOInsurance SEO – What Is Changing in the Google World? 

On Monday I wrote about changes Google made to their Algorithm for search engine results that have affected insurance websites, particularly agencies that have implemented insurance Seo strategies. 


On Friday, January 18, 2013 I noticed a precipitous drop in rankings for certain keywords on one of my websites which previously was ranking on page 1 of Google. 

This was something that concerned me greatly due to the fact that my agency generates a significant volume of new business for my insurance agency using insurance SEO techniques and strategies. 

This Is What Google Changed That Had a Massive Impact on Insurance SEO. 

Essentially search engines are sophisticated database programs that compile data on websites. 

Within the Google databases are instructions on how to rank websites based on a large number of factors…Google often makes changes to those factors. On January 18, 2013 they made a change that affected every insurance website. (If you own an insurance website you were impacted.) 

Because we generate a large volume of new business for my agency by means of my insurance websites, I became very concerned about this Google algorithm change.  

I used my website as an example comparing it to other insurance websites that were now ranking on the first page and I discovered a pattern to this algorithm change. 

A Pattern Emerges on Insurance SEO.

After spending the weekend through Monday investigating this Google update, I believe that I discovered a solution.

I and one of my employees trained in insurance Seo began to immediately implement changes starting on Tuesday January 22nd 2013 to my affected website.

I ran a ranking report this morning and every single insurance keyword that dropped in ranking has started to improve. (Some dramatically)

One particular insurance keyword dropped my website back to page 8.  Now I am on page 5 (That’s a dramatic change in one day.) 

I’m 100% Confident That I Discovered How to Reverse This Latest Google Penalty. 

I’m fully confident that what I discovered will fix this issue with my main website so that I can regain my page one ranking for my keywords, however other insurance agents affected by this Google algorithm change may not be so fortunate.  

If you have personally noticed that your rankings have dropped significantly for your insurance website, I can help you regain your rank and likely improve your profitability in insurance online marketing. (The majority of insurance agents lose money on their insurance websites because their strategy is wrong, true!) 

Contact myself, Jack Thomas at 513-662-7000. (This is my insurance office.) 

In the next article I’ll share a few experiences from other insurance agents that have been impacted by bad insurance SEO strategies. 

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