Insurance Video Marketing

Insurance Video Marketing is a Powerful Online Strategy.

Insurance Video MarketingInsurance agencies as well as other business owners can use videos to promote their companies making the phones ring with high quality prospects ready to buy!

If you are an insurance agency owner and interested in custom insurance videos for your agency contact the Web Insurance Network at 513-800-1399. 

We offer customized videos that may be personalized with a professional voice-over.  Click on a few examples below to review videos created for clients:

Homeowners Insurance Ohio 

Auto Insurance Olympia Washington  

Auto Insurance Philadelphia

Auto Insurance Lafayette Indiana 

Tow Truck Insurance Florida

Truck Insurance Ohio

Commercial Truck Insurance Kentucky

Insurance videos may be used on your website, online marketing, or for television advertising.  

Why Should You Use Insurance Video Marketing in Your Agency? 

In one word, it works! 

A $25,000 commercial lines account was written after a prospect watched a YouTube Video and called for a quote to buy.

Prospects after watching a professional insurance video are far more likely to contact an agency versus simply reading information on a website! 

There are several reasons professional insurance videos are effective.  Let’s consider one of the largest personal lines competitors, GEICO Insurance, as our prime example.   

GEICO has grown principally by means of television advertisements.  They have relatively few salespeople other than call center sales representatives. Yet GEICO continues to grow far faster compared to traditional insurance carriers, and their growth is mainly attributed to their television commercials. 

GEICO has built a brand around video marketing by means of their television commercials! 

How Can an Insurance Agency Mimic GEICO’s Marketing Strategy? 

Invest in online video marketing!  

While it is certainly true agencies have no ability to match the reported $1 billion advertising budget GEICO spends each year.  

Insurance agents can use professional insurance videos to reach out to prospects online much in the same way GEICO advertises on television.  

Statistics prove many consumers and business owners are turning to the Internet first when they are shopping for insurance, no matter if it is commercial or personal lines insurance. 

Videos Can Attract Qualified Prospects Ready to Buy! 

The principal benefit of investing in video marketing is that it allows your agency to stand out from other insurance competitors whom do not use videos.   Additionally your videos can be listed on the first page of the search engines. 

For example Google this keyword:  Tow Truck Insurance Ohio.   

You will note this video is prominently listed on the first page of Google. 

This particular video outranks billion-dollar insurance companies selling tow truck insurance in Ohio! 

Why Should You Invest in Insurance Video Marketing?

It works!

Videos have proven conversion rates 3-4 times better compared to traditional website conversion rates!  Videos engage viewers more so than blog posts or content on a website because they visually sell the concept you are attempting to convey to prospects.

Insurance Videos can act as secondary de facto websites as they can be listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing and draw the attention of searchers because of the video thumbnail.

However the highest impact videos are ones customized to the agency.  Generic non-specific videos have less influence compared to videos specific to the agency.

How Can Your Agency Get Started in Video Marketing?

Contact the WIN Group at 513-800-1399. 

We offer single videos and 5 or 10 pack custom video systems, with all videos guaranteed to be ranked on the first page of Google.

Call us today and speak with Jack Thomas or one of his assistants.

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