Insurance Template Website-Why Avoid Them?

Insurance Templates Are Difficult to Rank on Google.

Insurance TemplatesIf you are looking to purchase an insurance website template you need to be aware of something called the duplicate content penalty.

The duplicate content penalty will automatically make it far more difficult to rank your website on the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing when you purchase an insurance website template.

If you’re looking to prominently rank your insurance website on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo you should avoid insurance website templates in most instances!

Custom insurance websites have a substantially higher probability of ranking in the search engines.

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Insurance Website Templates – Why Agents Purchase Them?

What likely attracts insurance agents in purchasing insurance website templates is the cost.

You can purchase a cheap insurance website template for anywhere from an upfront price of $300 – $750 with a monthly ongoing fee of $140.

Other companies selling expensive digital insurance marketing systems are also based on a template system.

If you compare 10 different insurance agency websites from companies selling digital insurance marketing systems you will notice that many of them look very similar, so in a sense they too are selling insurance website templates!

What is one major issue with insurance website templates that make it difficult to prominently rank on the first page of Google?

Insurance Website Templates – Loaded with Duplicate Content!

While it’s certainly true that some cheap insurance website templates are attractive graphically, they come preloaded with general insurance content that is identical in most cases with every insurance website they sell to insurance agencies.

Why Is Duplicate Content a Bad Idea?

The search engines do not like duplicate content, and while it’s true there is not an official “duplicate content penalty”, websites are in fact penalized when they are loaded with duplicate content.

That’s why it’s significantly more difficult to rank an insurance website template on the first page of Google, and that is why you should avoid insurance website templates!

We will discuss this issue in a little bit more detail to explain the inner workings of the duplicate content penalty.

Need a Powerful Online Presence for Your Insurance Agency?

A cheap template insurance website will not help you develop a powerful online strategy, only a custom designed insurance website can help you.

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