Content Marketing Services for Your Blog

Search engines love fresh new content and will reward your website with higher rankings in the search engines when new content is uploaded to your blog each month.

Each article developed is based on the specific type of leads you wish to target for your agency, it is unique and not a copy of other content previously developed with a minimum of 400 words and one stock image for your blog.

The article will be written in such a way using best practices on page SEO techniques.

We will upload and optimize the article giving it the best chance to rank on the first page of the search engines. (SEO promotion may be needed to rank articles on the first page)

Each article is unique and is not copied from other websites.

  • 1 article = $247
  • 2 articles = $357
  • 3 articles = $497

Discounts When You Buy in Bulk:

  • 9 articles = $1163
  • 18 articles = $1815
  • 36 articles = $2832

SEO Promotion included at no additional cost for the following content orders:

  • 3 articles = 2 hours of SEO Promotion
  • 9 articles = 9 hours of SEO Promotion
  • 18 articles = 24 hours of SEO Promotion
  • 36 articles = 48 hours of SEO Promotion