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Insurance Backlinks to Avoid.

If you have a serious interest in building an effective online insurance website the most important step as we discussed in a previous article is Off Page SEO. (If you think you need help to implement an effective Off Page SEO strategy call my insurance office at 513-662-7000, we have very affordable packages in comparison to my largest competitors.)

Off Page SEO is the process of acquiring backlinks for your website.

If you’re unclear what a backlink is, click on this link to read this particular article: Off Page SEO.

Years ago companies that acquired a large number of links would outrank other websites that had fewer links. Essentially there were individuals who built automated software programs that would blast out links to any website that would accept them.

The search engines refer to this technique as “Black Hat” SEO and you will be penalized once Google eventually catches you! (If you make a mistake Google can delist your website, meaning specifically that you will not be found in the search engines anywhere!)

There is one thing to keep in mind about the search engines.

Google Changes Their Algorithm Very Frequently to Attempt to Weed out “Black Hat” Seo Strategies.

Because your website loses ranking does not necessarily mean that you are engaged in “Black Hat” SEO or the company that hired you is engaging in this prohibited web ranking technique.

The search engines from time to time simply change what backlinks they view as more important, and so in some cases they will devalue certain types of links causing your website to lose ranking.

Balance Is the Key in Acquiring Backlinks

The key to success for an effective online insurance back linking strategy is acquiring a number of different types of links for your website. Up until about three years ago acquiring back links for directory listings was very powerful, and hundreds of thousands of directory linking websites were created to take advantage of this powerful SEO technique.

Today directory linking strategies are a complete waste of time. The search engines have completely devalued acquiring directory links, and so if you are securing these types of links you are completely spinning your wheels and potentially harming your ranking results.

Please allow me to provide a clarification. When you are gaining different types of links, this does not mean getting the same type of link from different websites.

It means different types of backlinks. Directory backlinks is a different type of backlink in comparison to a link that you receive by making a comment on a blog.

By the way blog commenting recently has also been devaluated by Google in the latest Penguin update. I personally over the last four years built a substantial number of links from commenting on other non-related websites.

When Google made that change in late April 2012, my rankings dropped significantly!

I lost ranking for the most heavily searched keyword term in Cincinnati. Not only was on page 1 of Google but I had the very first position, out ranking multibillion-dollar insurance companies and I had that position for over a year.

The lesson that I learned is you must have a balanced approach to link building. I personally had far too many blog comments as links, which hurt my ranking.

Fortunately I’ve taken steps to make it back to page 1 but I did lose that coveted first page first position ranking.

So if you take the wrong tactic in acquiring back links you can devastate your search engine results! If you’re going to build links yourself it is best to do significant research before you start to back link to your website.

Need an Effective Back Linking Strategy for Your Website?

You can hire us to develop a back linking strategy using a balanced approach for your insurance agency. Unfortunately back linking takes a significant amount of time, so it is not something that can be done for you overnight.

There are companies that could submit your website to literally 10,000 websites in one day.

That could get you delisted! The best approach is to hire our company to help you, since we already have extensive experience in back linking strategies.

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