Off Page Insurance SEO

Off page Insurance SEOWhat Is Off Page Insurance SEO And Why Is This The Most Important Step to Rank Your Website?

Millions of brand-new websites are created each and every month. How do the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing sort and sift through the billions of websites?

The search engine providers use complex computer algorithm programs that attempt to rank websites based on their relevance.   

How does a website become relevant to the search engines? 

There are two specific steps or strategies that you have to have in place to be found on page one of the search engines. The first is On Page SEO and the most important is Off Insurance Page SEO which we will discuss next.

What is Off Page Insurance SEO?

Off page Insurance search engine optimization ( Insurance SEO) is the strategy of acquiring links on other websites (sometimes this is referred to as backlinks). 

This is an example of how you obtain a backlink: You receive permission to place your website URL on another company’s website. A URL is simply your website address, and placing your agency URL on another website gives you a backlink. For example, this is the URL to my independent agency: 

Because I have placed this URL on the Web Insurance Network website, Google gives me credit for this “backlink” to my agency website.   

Insurance BacklinkThere are two types of backlinks. Backlinks can be exact URL match as is listed for the Pathway site,( ), or they can be something called backlink anchor text.  A backlink anchor text is a keyword name, such as what is listed above and circled in red: Independent agents in Cincinnati.

How Do the Search Engines Track Backlinks? 

Google, who just so happens to control roughly 80% of the search engine market, uses a computer algorithm program that they call a Google “Bot.” The Google “Bot” or robot scans, or crawls, all searchable websites and detects links that are placed on all websites. 

The Google “Bot” remembers that your website has acquired a backlink from another website and gives you credit for that link. It’s essentially like a database software program that collects records on your individual website, noticing whether or not you have links from other websites that it monitors. 

Google in turn uses that information in its database to rank your website.

True or False – The Website That Gets The Most Links Is Always Listed On The First Page?

Digital Insurance WebsiteIt would be easy to conclude that the secret to obtaining a consistent page one ranking for your keywords is acquiring a substantial number of links.

This type of strategy was accurate years ago, but today it does not work.  Taking this link building strategy could cause your website to be penalized and completely disappear off the radar map!

Acquiring too many links could penalize your website substantially.

In my area, one of my main competitors for insurance SEO ranking has acquired more than 10 times the links that we have built on our Pathway Insurance website. However, my website consistently outperforms and outranks his website

His Insurance SEO approach was to blast out as many links as possible because at that time that was the right tactic to take.

If you take the same approach, you will not be successful! 

You have to find the right links in the right place to successfully rank your website on page one of the search engines.

In a future article I will discuss what types of back links you must avoid at all costs

We Can Help You Set Up an Effective Off Page Insurance SEO Strategy

If this is the area where you feel you need the most help, we can develop a campaign for your agency acquiring back links to your website for insurance SEO which will help your search engine ranking.

Or we can build a custom insurance website for your agency, and we can also help you develop an effective insurance video marketing campaign.

Our insurance telephone number is 513-662-7000.