Online Insurance Marketing Revolution

Why Should You Join the Online Marketing Revolution?

Onlien Marketing is here to stayConsumers both young and old are increasingly turning to the Internet first when they are shopping for various products and services.

No matter if they’re looking for insurance, a new home, an attorney, or even a dentist they search the Internet using smart phones, tablets, and their home or office computer.

If your business does not have a strategy for online insurance marketing your competitors will eventually overtake you!

Mistaken Understanding about Websites and Online Marketing.

Some business owners assume that a website is no more than an electronic billboard providing shoppers a tidbit of information about your company, or directions to your office.

In reality online marketing will become the most dominate method for any business to advertise in the future.

While it’s true that there are a variety of different ways that you can advertise for new clients, online marketing works in a different and far superior way compared to other traditional forms of marketing.

Online Marketing Replaces Yellow Page Advertising Hands Down.

Let’s assume that your business offers car and homeowners insurance and you invest advertising dollars in a yellow page listing because that is the way you’ve always advertised.

The concept of yellow page advertising is very simple. An insurance shopper named Bob flips through his yellow page book looking for insurance. He calls your agency after finding your advertisement hoping that someone will be in the office.

Bob is calling at 10 PM on a Tuesday evening because he works the second shift and just got back home from work.

Bob is connected to your voicemail because your agency is not open at 10 PM on a Tuesday evening, so now Bob has a decision to make on whether or not he will leave a message and wait for someone to call him back tomorrow.

The Online Marketing Advantage

Bob decides to leave a message because he really needs to find a new insurance company.

As Bob is watching television he watches a GEICO commercial and then he decides to pull out his IPad and begins to search for insurance online.

He finds a local agency about 6 miles away from his house with a website that offers helpful tips and suggestions, plus online quotes, which is really all he wanted in the first place.

He fills out his information for the insurance quote and in around 5 min. or less finds a good rate through a company that agency represents. He clicks on a button for more information and receives a notice that an agent will contact him the next day.

The agent calls in the morning and sells the policy over the phone.

In the meantime one of your staff members calls in the late morning to get this prospects information only to discover he already bought a policy from the agency across the street from your office!

Do You See the Decisive Difference between Yellow Page Advertising and Online Marketing?

A yellow page advertisement cannot provide an insurance quote, it can’t answer questions, it can’t make a sale, yet a digital insurance marketing system can help your business do all of that automatically 24 hours per day seven days per week.

Online Marketing Will Be the Dominant Method in Which Businesses Advertise in the Future!

If your website system is not generating high-quality prospects to your business, your website strategy is not set up correctly!

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