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Automatic Response Marketing(ARM) – How To Automate Insurance Marketing and Client Retention.

We offer an optional automated marketing sales system called Automatic Response Marketing.  The ARM system offers more than 30 different campaigns designed for a variety of tasks in the busy P&C Agency.

Such campaigns include automatic follow up on prospects that request quotes for personal and commercial lines, life insurance, employee benefits.  Additional campaigns include Xdate follow-up for all lines of business, claims satisfaction follow up, welcome aboard campaigns, cross selling campaigns, lost customer campaigns for those who have left your agency.

Client retention campaigns are also available such as annual reviews, agency newsletters, renewal campaigns, holiday and birthday campaigns.  (Custom campaigns can also be developed for the agency)

It’s so easy to miss sales and retention opportunities in a busy insurance office and that is why the ARM system is a must for agencies.

The Software Engine We use for ARM:

We use Ontraport as the engine for The ARM system for auto response messages, automatic post card mailings, and PURL’s. Ontraport provides the best software solution for marketing automation to insurance agencies.   

You pick the desired campaigns and your system will be ready for use with 14-21 days of order placement with our company. (Customized sales letters, postcards, sales flyers or sales brochures and PURL sales landing pages  can be added. 

Complete training is provided for the ARM system and upon deliver is ready to be activated for use.

Campaign Pricing:

5 Campaigns = $750
10 Campaigns = $1,250
15 Campaigns = $1,875
Custom campaigns = $350 each
Retention Campaign = $350 (26 insurance based newsletters)

Monthly subscription cost $79.95 – $597 per month dependent upon subscribers.