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Competition Comparison

Why Our System Is Better:

Us Competitors
You Own the Website System* Leased Systems** (you stop paying and they turn your website off)
Custom Websites Template Websites***
We Offer Guaranteed Page One Ranking In the Search Engines They Offer No Guarantees
Custom Content Included Generic Nonspecific Content, Or You Must Provide.
You Tell Us Exactly What Type Of Leads You Want Your Website
To Generate.
Not Offered.
Blogging article(s) each month Uploaded To Your Website You or Employees Must Do It
Back-linking to Rank Your Website Included Many Competitors Require You to Do It. Some who Offer Back Linking Have No Idea What They Are Doing.
Custom Videos Available Not Offered
Your Videos Ranked On the First Page Of Google Not Offered
PPC Not Necessary with Our System Must Pay up to $60 per Click to Advertise Your Website.
Social Media Marketing Included**** You or Employees Must Do It
Our System Is a Done For You System. No other Expenses Incurred Must Spend Money on PPC, Employees Must Create New Pages, Customize Content, Create Blog, Back Links, Engage in Social Media Marketing, Create Videos on Your Own
66% Less (On Average) Than Some May Need to Spend As Much As $150,000 or More Competitors, Allowing Better ROI. With NO Guarantees Of Results
  • *After All Payments Made
  • ** Some Companies Allow Ownership of Websites
  • *** Few Companies build Custom Sites From Scratch
  • ****Optional Package

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