Digital Insurance Website, Drain on Agency Profits?

Digital Insurance WebsiteDigital Insurance Website, Effective or Cash Drain?

So you have pulled the trigger and shelled out some seriously large capital for a Digital Insurance Website.

How is that working out for you so far?

While it is true the companies offering the most expensive digital insurance website can rank your agency on the first page of the search engines.

Why may that not not be enough to profitably exploit the power of insurance Internet marketing? 

Let’s discuss why some online insurance lead generation strategies are unprofitable!

Insurance Keyword on the First Page of Google and ZERO Leads?

If you paid money to a marketing company to create a digital insurance website and you are on page 1 of Google but getting virtually no leads, you are not alone!

Some agencies have invested $40,000 or more to rank their insurance website with a digital insurance website ranking on 5 to 10 insurance keywords on the first page of Google and yet they are generating no sales leads for their substantial investment!

Ranking on the Search Engines and Zero Results How Is That Possible?

I have discussed this issue with a number of different insurance agents that are interested in promoting their agency online and some have made sizable investments with companies selling digital insurance websites.

And while it’s true that some of these agencies have page one rankings on Google they are not obtaining profitable results in new client acquisitions.

One agent explained that he has the top keyword position for business insurance in his particular marketing area. Another agent has the very first position for auto insurance in another area. And third agent I communicated with has a page one ranking for umbrella insurance.

What Do All Three of Those Agents Have in Common?

Zero results.

While it’s true they all have page one rankings for targeted insurance keywords, what was also true is that they achieved ZERO leads or phone calls.

Two of the three agents had the very first position on the first page of Google, yet no business generated, not even one single phone call!

How Could That Be?

Despite the fact that hundreds of search enquiries were being made for those targeted keywords each month and they had the very first position on the first page of Google something was obviously wrong with their strategy.

In our next article I will share the exact reason why online strategies fail even if they have invested tens of thousands of dollars.

When the online strategy is ineffective it becomes a huge profit drain on the overall profits of the insurance agency, but it also causes disappointment to insurance agents that bought in to the concept of online marketing using a profitable digital insurance website.  

Looking for a Better Solution for Online Insurance Lead Generation? 

We believe that we have a more profitable online insurance lead generation solution for insurance agents. It’s a long-term strategy that will help you eventually dominate the search engines profitably.

Call the insurance offices of Pathway Insurance at 513-662-7000 and speak with Jack Thomas, or click Digital Insurance Website Packages for more information.

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