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Insurance LeadsWhere Can You Find the Best Insurance Leads Today?

If you are searching for the best insurance leads please carefully consider the following information as it addresses what we have found as insurance professionals to be the least effective and the most profitable source of insurance leads you will find in today’s marketplace.

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Our Journey to Discover the Best Strategy for Insurance Lead Generation.

As an agency owner I have personally invested a significant amount of agency funds on many different types of marketing strategies for insurance lead generation.

From direct mail, radio spots, telemarketing, door hangers, yellow page ads, newspaper inserts, voice broadcast, affiliation and affinity marketing, email marketing, post card marketing, door to door prospecting, referral marketing, and purchasing shared insurance internet leads.

Some of the above activities worked extremely well. For instance voice broadcast was the most effective and profitable type of insurance leads we have ever generated for my agency.

At the peak of my insurance lead generation voice broadcast days we would receive as many as 30 leads each day!

We wrote nearly $1 million in personal lines premiums in one year using voice broadcast where the average premium at the time for car insurance in my marketing territory was around $800 for the year for 2 cars and $350 for home insurance. 

Voice broadcast allowed me to start my independent agency from scratch and go from a part time agency owner to full time in less than 12 months!

My rate on return was more than 30 to 1 on voice broadcast.  We earned $30 in commissions for every single dollar invested.

Regrettably voice broadcast (thanks to the FTC) was made illegal some years ago and will land you in legal hot water if you use it today. ($10,000 per call fine)

Here is the truth we discovered about insurance lead generation over the years.

February_calendarWhat Worked Yesterday For Insurance Lead Generation, Will Not Work As Well Today.

The most effective and profitable method to generate insurance leads in our agencies will change over time

For instance in the early years it was common for agents to go door to door selling insurance.

Over time door to door selling became less effective. 

Direct mail and telemarketing or XDating became very popular along with advertising in the yellow pages. Advertising on telephone book covers, bill boards, and sponsoring sports teams were also very popular at one time.

These methods also have become less effective over time for insurance lead generation.


Insurance buying habits have changed.

Consider the yellow pages.  For many years this was the go to source for consumers and business owners to find the products and services they needed. 

Do consumers or business owners use the yellow pages today to find the products and services they need?

Most do not.

Today most use the internet to find the products and services they need because it’s easier

Using a smart phone, tablet, or computer can quickly help you find the products and services you need.

In our next article we will consider why internet leads generated by your personal insurance website can be far more profitable compared to any insurance lead source today.

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