Insurance Web Template, Effective or Waste of Money?

Insurance Web Templates-Cash Drain.

There are a number of companies that sell insurance web templates, are they an effective method for you to develop an online presence for your insurance agency? 

Many agents purchase insurance web templates because they’re cheap. The fundamental question agents need to ask themselves is whether or not an insurance web template is a good value?

Insurance Web TemplateIt is my belief that a simple $500 insurance web template is far more expensive than a custom designed insurance website that costs seven times more money!

How is it conceivable that a $500 insurance web template will cost you more than a custom $3500 website?

Great question. 

Before I share the answer with you please allow me to ask one very important question.

What do you sincerely believe is the purpose of your insurance website? 

Is your insurance agency website more or less a sales brochure about your agency? Or is it designed to provide a convincing, persuasive sales message to potential clients that clearly show why prospects should do business with your agency versus other agents selling insurance in your area.

What do you honestly think?

Most agents would probably agree that a convincing persuasive sales message is far more effective compared to a simple sales brochure.  Sales brochures are a dime a dozen. 

Convincing and Persuasive Sales Messages Are Far More Powerful

Your insurance website has the potential to share a compelling, persuasive sales message 24 hours per day, seven days per week answering the most important question in the prospects mind: 

Why should I do business with your agency?

Sales brochures can’t effectively answer that question.


Sales brochure insurance web sites look like every other insurance web site, particularly the message that it conveys.

Insurance WebsitesWhat is the Typical Message on the Average Insurance Agent Website?  

If the agency has been around for some time they usually talk about how long they have been in business.

Do you think that most potential clients care about how long an agency has been in business? 

A few might, but in reality most do not care that an agency has been in business for 30 years. I’ll share an example.

How long has Esurance been in business? This insurance carrier opened its doors in 1999 and became one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in history and that’s why Allstate bought this company in 2011.  For the millions of individuals that eventually became customers of Esurance, did it matter that they were essentially a brand-new insurance company?

Not at all.

That’s why the same old message that is circulated by Sales brochure insurance web sites is like old coffee grounds that are reused over and over again. Over time they lose their flavor, and appeal

Many prospects do not care if you have been in business for 30 years or longer.  

That’s reality in today’s get it cheap and get it quick environment. 

What is the second most prominent message that’s displayed on insurance agent websites? 

We will consider that in part two:

Are insurance web templates effective or a waste of money?

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