Your Insurance Agency Website May Have Just Been Penalized by Google If You Have Taken This One Step!

Insurance Agency WebsitesInsurance Agents- Is Your Website an Exact Match Domain?  

If So Your Insurance Agency Website Just Got a Massive Ranking Penalty from Google!

The search engines such as Google are constantly tweaking their algorithms to combat spam websites and those who are attempting to game the system and artificially increase their ranking in the search engines.

If you have an exact domain name for your URL address for your insurance agency website, you likely just have been significantly penalized by Google! Regrettably when Google makes changes to their algorithm it affects both Spam websites and legitimate websites.

Your Insurance Agency Website Was Impacted by This Change If You Use an Exact Match Domain

Google’s ever progressing Algorithm changes to combat spammers and those who are attempting to game the system should check their SERP status after last week’s Algorithm change.

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What Is an Exact Domain Name If You Are Unclear?

Let’s assume that you sell business insurance in Columbus Ohio, An exact domain name would be similar to this:

Business insurance Columbus Ohio is an insurance keyword, and if this was your website domain name up until last week Google would provide you extra ranking power so to increase your search engine results.

In other words you would rank better on Google if this was your exact website address for that specific insurance keyword.

To obtain that extra ranking power all you needed to do was to purchase an exact domain name for your insurance agency website address.

This most recent change totally destroys this tactic for all those who have exact domain name website addresses.

Why This Tidbit of Information Is Important?

Very few companies offering insurance agency websites or SEO services to agents are even aware of this penalty, because they do not invest time learning Up-to-date strategies and Tactics for web marketing.

When you’re considering hiring a company to develop an online strategy for your agency, which marketing company would be better to choose?

  • One that uses outdated strategies of the past?
  • Or one that Investigates and explores all of the constant changes in the online marketing world?

The answer is obvious.

What to Do If Your Insurance Agency Website Has Been Penalized?

If you have the exact match domain name as your website address, you have positively taken a major tumble in your ranking.

What can you do? 

Here’s the bad news: You have to start over!

You will need to build a new website because it is likely that this is a permanent penalty.  No amount of back links or other on page optimization strategies will help you get your ranking back.

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