Why You Need a Great Website

Why Should You Join the Online Insurance Marketing Revolution? 

This generation will buy insurance on the internetThere are three reasons why insurance agents need to get serious about developing an effective online presence.

Insurance agents need an effective Insurance agency website that answers the biggest question in a prospects mind:

Why Should You Buy Insurance From My Agency? 


Why Your  Insurance Agency Will Be Impacted By The Internet?

If you are a personal lines agency, or a commercial lines agency or a mix of the two, your agency will be impacted by the growing trend of consumers shopping for insurance on the Internet.

Because of this change in the way consumers are now researching and purchasing insurance, it’s important for insurance agents to be found on the first page of the search engines when prospects are shopping for insurance. 

While it’s true that many agencies have an Insurance agency website, it’s possible that your agency website is not engineered in a way to give you the results that it could.

If you call my insurance office at 513-662-7000 I can analyze your website for no charge to help you understand whether or not you are going in the right, or the wrong direction with your insurance agency website. 

Let’s discuss the first reason why agents need to have an effective online presence.

Shopping For Insurance Online Is Becoming More Prevalent 

Consumers are researching and purchasing products and services by means of the Internet at a phenomenal rate. This is also true for insurance products and services including car, home, life, health, and business insurance.   

Business owners themselves are searching for insurance online. Nearly half of the new business production that we write in our agency each month is commercial lines from leads that we generate with our website!  

Why Are Insurance Prospects More Inclined to Shop Online?Don't you get it?

It’s incredibly easy to get information and insurance quotes all in the comfort of your home or office…

No telephone call required, and no pressure to buy insurance.   

Isn’t it true that some prospects really don’t like to talk to us, because they don’t want to be sold something?   

Shopping for insurance by means of the Internet automatically appeals to those who do not want to talk to insurance salespeople, and it also appeals to people who want to save time.  

Shopping for insurance online is quickly becoming the path of least resistance. 

That is why your agency needs to begin to make investments right now in a powerful Insurance agency website to structure it in a way that you can capture the attention of prospects shopping for insurance in your area. 

Otherwise you are going to get left behind as other more proactive agents recognized the shift in how consumers are searching for and purchasing insurance. 

How Do We Know Prospects Are Searching for Insurance on the Internet?

There’s a free tool from Google they can help you determine exactly how many people are shopping for insurance on the Internet and it’s called the Google ad words tool.

In my next article, I will show you exactly how you can determine the estimated number of people that are shopping for insurance in your area. 

Join the Insurance Agency Revolution That Prospects Have Fully Embraced 

There are a few companies selling Insurance agency website systems for large prices. We offer Insurance agency website packages for significantly lower pricing allowing you to keep more of your agency funds for other activities.

I can personally help you develop a plan for Insurance Website Domination Marketing™ for a lower investment, but significantly better results with guarantees. 

I am an insurance agency principal in Cincinnati Ohio and I want agents to succeed against companies such as GEICO and Progressive Direct. In 2007 I wrote a book titled: Death to the Property and Casualty Agent, The Cause.  

Direct to consumer companies such as GEICO and Progressive Direct want your best customers, and they are getting them.   

Insurance agents need help with developing a powerful online Insurance agency website strategy so that you can compete against the largest competitors and win! 

You can literally out market GEICO and Progressive Direct using local our Insurance agency website strategy.

I personally developed a very effective lead generation system using my insurance agency website that can help you dominate local search engine results in your marketing area. 

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