Why Graphic Designers Don’t Get SEO

Insurance website designThis is Why Many Graphic Designers Don’t Get SEO.

Every business owner wants an attractive and appealing website, and it’s true there are many talented graphic designers that have the ability to create a visually stunning site for your insurance agency. However graphic designers are not necessarily skilled in the most critical facet of insurance website design…Being found by the search engines!

When I made the decision to hire a graphic design firm about six years ago one of the designers on the project proclaimed that search engine optimization consultants were essentially con artists!  He did not believe that SEO consultants had the ability to influence page rank, but how wrong he was!

If your website is to be found on page one of the search engines, you must complete two specific steps for your website to be ranked.

You need to complete On Page Optimization, and Off Page Optimization.

A serious mistake that agency owners make is being led to believe that the company that they have hired to build a website is also skilled in search engine optimization. 

The Truth about Graphic Designers and Insurance Seo

The real truth is that many graphic designers have no real skill in search engine optimization. Because of that fact your beautiful insurance website may have no more impact than a Picasso lying in the middle of the Sahara desert! 


If your insurance website cannot be found on page 1 of the search engines for at least 50 insurance keywords by prospects, you have wasted your time and most importantly your money!   

As an experienced insurance Internet marketing expert I can tell you truthfully that it doesn’t matter how great your website looks if prospects can’t find you on the Internet  when they are searching for the most popular insurance keywords for your area.  

If you have hired a company and they are providing search engine optimization services it’s always good to get a second opinion.  You can call my insurance office at 513-662-7000 and within 5 minutes or less I can analyze your website to advise you on how good of a job your company is doing for you.

If you are not making sales consistently or generating leads each week from your website, that’s a pretty go indication that your provider is not getting the job done.

Because insurance search engine optimization is such an important factor in being found on the Internet, I decided to test out local graphic designers in Cincinnati offering SEO, and web design firms specifically providing digital insurance marketing websites, what I found may be surprising to you.