Insurance Digital Marketing – More Cost Effective, Better Results!

The Web Insurance Network Insurance Digital Marketing System, More Powerful, Less Expensive, Better Results!

web insurance networkIf you are looking for the most cost effective insurance digital marketing strategy for your agency you have found the right company! 

Web Insurance Network, founded by an insurance agency veteran with more than 23 years of experience in the trenches, marketing, selling, and running an independent agency.

Jack Thomas has developed the most cost effective insurance digital marketing strategy that you will find compared to any other company selling even the most expensive insurance digital marketing systems!

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The Sales Hype on Insurance Digital Marketing?

Do you need to invest $3-$4000 per month to develop an insurance digital marketing strategy for your agency?

In most cases the answer is no, yet some insurance marketing companies selling insurance digital marketing platforms want to charge insurance agencies $3000 per month for a 3 to 4 year contract. The contract likely can’t be broken, even if you litigate, if you later feel that you are not achieving the intended results for your money.

Insurance Digital Marketing Is Simply an Automatic Follow-Up Process for Prospects and Customers.

In our previous article on insurance digital marketing we discussed the basic step-by-step process on how insurance digital marketing really operates.

A prospect is directed to your insurance agency website and if they contact you by filling out a form or calling you on the telephone for an insurance quote they will be added to the insurance digital marketing software system, and at that point an insurance drip marketing campaign begins.

The same process is true for existing clients that are added to the system. Let’s assume that 25% of your client base has only purchased automobile insurance from you. 

The insurance digital marketing software system can begin to automatically contact your clients to encourage them to purchase additional lines of insurance business, such as homeowners, condo, or renters insurance to round the account out.

This is a sound marketing procedure that you should be using in your agency, but do you need to pay thousands of dollars per month to implement a system such as this?


You can either manually develop a cross sale and sales follow-up system for your insurance agency perhaps even utilizing your agency management system, or our company can provide you a custom sales prospecting system that is developed specifically for your agency.

We Offer a Drip Marketing Insurance Sales System for a One-Time Payment of $3,197!

Our system includes customized sales letters, postcards, flyers, and a one-year paid subscription to a well-known auto responder system that will contact prospects automatically by e-mail and postcard.  After 12 months the price will be $79.95 per month for he auto responder system. (A much more comprehensive system is also available for an additional investment.)

Additionally we offer an insurance client retention system to help you nurture, cross sell, and increase retention.

Investing in our drip marketing insurance sales system and our insurance client marketing and retention system + package option three (which guarantees ranking on the first page of the search engines) is over $90,000 less expensive compared to another competitor offering their most expensive insurance digital marketing system!

A Domination Marketing Package is also available that assures absolute domination of the first pages of the search engines using our proprietary Insurance Domination Marketing Strategies.

Investing in this package also locks out other insurance agencies from hiring our company in an area to allow you to own more digital real estate compared to any company offering digital insurance marketing systems.

That’s why our system will have a much greater return on your investment because you do not need to invest as much!

Call us today to learn how the most cost effective insurance digital system can be acquired for a fraction of the cost other companies charge!