Insurance SEO – Penguin 2.0 Devastates Rankings!


Is Penguin 2.0 the Death of Insurance SEO? Angry_Penguin and Insurance SEO

May 22 is the day that Google rolled out Penguin 2.0. If your website has dropped in rankings it’s because of Penguin 2.0!  

If you own a website and you have lost your rankings contact my office at 513-662-7000. 

I will analyze your website at no cost to let you know if it’s possible to recover from this update. ($300 value.) 

Due to time restrictions I can only offer this to five agency owners.  Insurance SEO will forever change with Penguin 2.0! 

Insurance Search Engine Optimization Is Not Dead, You Will Need to Fine Tune Your Efforts! 

According to Matt Cutts head of Google web spam team Google’s objective is to defeat the tactics of spammers to manipulate search engine results. 

Essentially a spammer is a company or an individual that uses automated tools to blast out ‘links’ to other low quality websites for insurance search engine optimization purposes. 

So in other words if you have hired a company to engage in insurance SEO for your agency they may have used this technique to rank your insurance website, and now it’s likely your website has been punished by Penguin 2.0! 

This type of search engine optimization techniques are referred to by Matt Cutts with Google as black hat. 

Here’s the Bad News If You Have Not Engaged in Black Hat SEO. 

It’s possible that your website has also been penalized along with the bad websites that are manipulated by the black hat spammers! 

Why does this happen? 

The Penguin 2.0 update is a computer algorithm change. Google attempts to make adjustments in their computer algorithm to weed out what they have believe are spam SEO techniques, and what Google considers spam techniques today… they were okay with last year


In my next article I will share one exact example of an insurance website ranking technique that Google was totally okay with last year, but will cause you to lose all rankings today on your insurance website. 

It is Still Possible to Dominate the Search Engines! 

If you have lost ranking, particularly on Google it is possible to regain your ranking and out market other insurance agency competitors that failed to take action to make adjustments in their online marketing efforts. 

We can help you do that. 

My name is Jack Thomas and I am the founding director of Web Insurance Network.  Additionally I own an independent insurance agency in Cincinnati and we operate in four different states. 

Each time search engines have made changes that have greatly affected insurance websites, we have figured out the exact solution to overcome those changes and more importantly out rank local competitors! 

If you want the same results contact me personally at 513-662-7000. 

Not sure that it’s worth the investment?   Read the below article why online marketing is the wave of the future!

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